I gain all back over the weekend HELP??

Hi Everyone,

Please help me. I keep my calories low from monday unil friday, and i actually loose.
And then when Monday meets, my weight is the same as what i started at the beginning of the week.

And it has been like this for over a month now. I dont know how and what to do.
The weekends are hard.

Please any tips how you do it in the weekends?


  • samammay
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    Do the same thing on the weekends as every other day... eat at your deficit and log everything. Its a 'work week' not a 'healthy week'. Healthy is all the time, regardless of what the calendar says.
  • ndj1979
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    more than likely water retention/bloat from weekend indulgence. To put on one pound would mean that you would have to overeat by 3500 calories over the weekend....
  • joolywooly33
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    i am in a kinda similar situation, in that I easily stick to healthy eating and my goals mid week and then stray at the weekend. this is a combination of eating out more and being in situations where you do not control your meal (i.e. eating with family and friends). I am 10 months in and I am still struggling with this and I am sure it is the reason for my slow weight loss.

    It might help if you opened up your diary and told us a bit more about your caloric intake and exercise regime etc. I would also say that my weight can fluctuate by up to 4lb dependent on what I eat and it sounds like this is what is happening to you.

    Good luck - please don't give up!
  • vickyplum
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    Do you log everything you eat and exercise?

    Do you have the weekend off and just do what you want?

    You may find that you will stick for a bit then start to lose again
    these are the things that I can suggest

    1. Log everything to see where you are going wrong, it could be as simple as to much sodium

    2. Try doing a bit more exercise if you can

    3. If you have time off try just one day not the whole weekend

    Hope this helps a little

    Good luck in your continued journey

    you can add me if you think I can help with encouragement

  • PrimalGirl
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    I assume you increase your calories over the weekend and/or stop exercising?

    If so and you really want to indulge, fine, but make better choices. If you drink lager, reduce the intake. If you drink cocktails, swap the sugary flavouring for diet tonic water. If you eat a whole pizza, share it with someone.

    If you want to eat and drink to your heart's content at the weekend, do it AFTER you've done a significant amount of exercise. And I mean significant. A tough, sustained period of activity. That way, the pizza and beer is a reward that is not going to have such a big impact on your weight.

    Ideally, only indulge in very small treats or changes to your regime at the weekends. If you are determined to go out drinking, do it in a club where you can dance. Aim for 10 minutes of dancing for every drink. It won't burn it all away, but it will help. If you are craving that pizza, have a small one, or half a one, and without any other indulgences all weekend. Then eat it and really savour it.

    Hope some of this helps - I agree, weekends are hard.
  • Stage14
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    I count calories on the weekends too.

    However, chances are that you aren't losing weight every week and gaining it all back in two days, unless you are seriously binging on the weekends. It's more likely water weight going back and forth, for example maybe watching what you eat lowers your sodium over the week so you lose water weight, then on the weekends when you don't track you eat more sodium and retain more water.

    Weight also fluctuates from day to day and hour to hour even. You should weight yourself at the same time on the same scale, in the same conditions each time (I.e. in the morning, on your bathroom scale, naked). I would recommend to weigh yourself just once a week every week on the same day and time. If you aren't losing after a couple of weeks, you need to look at your food intake.
  • jim9097
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    Here is my experience with that. On the weekend I tend to sit on my butt a little more, college football, NFL, so when I do this I also tend to eat more because I have nothing better to do.

    So you need a plan. When you feel yourself going to get something and you don't really need it. AKA you are not really hungry you are habit eating. Go for a walk, job, bike ride, etc. I actually have a yoga mat on my floor in front of the TV. Sometimes I will just do a random stretch routine. Just trying to keep my mind active so I am not thinking about eating. I also do other things Like play words with friends, WTP, etc. Keeps the mind engaged....
  • HelllYeaHH
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    Can't see your diary so not sure what's causing this. I'd say that you can plan ahead for your weekend plans. If you know you're going out at night eat a little less during the day or workout some more.
  • SuperCrsa
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    What are your calories set to?
    I used to try eat 1400 calories during the week but then I would binge on weekends. So I lost during the week and gained over the weekend. Setting my calories up a bit has helped to eat enough that I don't need to binge.

    You could also save some calories up from the week to use over the weekend?
  • lovejoydiva
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    The same thing was happening to me! But I used to indulge on the weekends. Eating and drinking is my thing that I LOVE to do! So now that I am on MFP, I log in everything plus I usually get a workout in on Saturdays...so I can eat more. But if I don't plan to workout I know that I have to eat right during the day if I am going out at night. Plus cocktails have a TON of Calories. And I'd rather eat than drink my calories, So I kind of gave up alcohol.
  • Smuterella
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    I'm in the same boat, I've always been bad at weekends and have got nowhere. Time to up my game and have a clean weekend and see if it makes a difference.
  • I keep up with logging even on the weekend and pick either Saturday OR Sunday to be "bad" not both. I also have more time to exercise on the weekend even if it is just walking. If you have access to a pool, go for a swim in the morning. Did you know you can burn almost 100 calories in just 10 minutes of swimming?
  • MB_Positif
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    The weekends are life. You have to make this work for every day. You don't have to be restrictive, but try to be more consistent.
  • servilia
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    Whichever day is hardest for you, let's say Saturday, use that as a cheat day (within reason) and be good again on Sunday. See if you can fit in an extra workout too.
  • Hi All,

    Thank you for the tips.
    I eat 1200 max per day. Im 5.1 tall and weigh 161lbs.
    I do eat a lot on the weekends, just little snacks, but with high calories and salt.
    But then if im losing this 2lbs every week and gaining it back, its all just water weight and not losing actual fat at all. How dperessing.:sad:

    I just hate being the same weight every monday when im on the scale.
    So this weekend im gonna try hard, and hope that my weight is much lesser that im used to on a monday, that way on friday in will loose more that usual.

    Confursing i know.
  • lthames0810
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    I have some mind games that help:

    I spend more time with family on the weekends, and I think of them as the food police. They know I'm trying to eat in a healthy way (and so are they) so I imagine that I dare not eat badly in front of them.

    I weigh in on Friday mornings and usually see a drop in weight. I think of that when I'm tempted to indulge over the weekend and I think of how disapointed I will feel if I spoil all that progress.

    I have one practical method that helps:

    I pre-log the beer and pizza or whatever in my food diary. Then I can see how many calories are left for the rest of the day.
  • BerryH
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    1200 is too low for most people, so it may just be that you're ravenous by the weekend. Use MFP settings to lose no more than 1lb a week, and eat back your exercise calories, or at least a good proportion of them. I love to eat more at weekends, but fortunately I have a lot more time on my hands for a long and/or tough exercise session, so I can eat more without worrying!

    Don't forget, if you've just had two days of eating more, even if your average calories for the week are still under, you'll be weighing food and water weight still in your digestive system come Monday morning. Maybe you'd find changing your weigh-in day to Friday morning more motivating, and don't sneak a peek on other days!
  • mtlprs
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    First of all, do NOT weigh yourself so often, once a week, on the same day every week is enough.
    Second, a cheat day, or cheat meal is ok, as long as you are reasonable. But you have to understand that any "over" calories you eat on a weekend do not go away on Monday, unless you burn them off!!!
  • rightoncommander
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    I weigh about the same as you, and my calories are set at 1500 to lose 1lb per week, and that's with a sedentary lifestyle. I do a lot of exercise, and don't always eat back all of my exercise calories, but other than that I try to stick to the plan. On rest days, I aim to be on plan or just a little over. I'm never very hungry, though. I only ignore hunger pangs right before bed. It sounds like you might be making yourself hungry too often with such a low calorie count, making your body crave all of the very worst foods that you can't resist on the weekend.

    I had a bad weekend last weekend, due to a family get together and involving a LOT of pizza. I knew it was bad, and because I logged everything in MFP I knew HOW bad it was, and was a little bit more strict during the week. I also did two long workouts on Saturday morning, which partially offset the huge meal later. And I did NOT get on the scales on Monday. That would have been really demotivating, but because I didn't, I lost 1.5lbs! I stick to 1 weigh-in per week, on Friday mornings, and I recommend that to you. If you are weighing yourself on Friday and then again on Monday it can only be bad news, and that is going to demotivate you!

    So in short, up your daily calories (take MFP's recommendation), log everything and stick to one weigh-in per week. If you're still not losing, you can look back at the logs to see where you're going wrong.
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