Hi From Fogo Island, Newfoundland!

Just wanted to take a moment to say Hi! I live on a very scenic and remote island an hour ferry ride off the northeast coast of Newfoundland. I am 51 years old, married, overweight, and have just learned that I have high cholesterol. I figure it's high time I got myself back into shape, though it will be a challenge, as I am unfortunately disabled with spinal issues. When I am not bedridden with back/neck pain, I enjoy nothing more than to get outside and explore this beautiful island that I am so proud to call home. I am an avid nature/landscape photographer, and a collector of vintage cameras. And of course I am looking forward to making new friends here!

Glen B.
Fogo Island, NL


  • l0l0p
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    Lovely island! Might want to visit there one day!:wink:
    Love the Nature too!
    Agrees that: Everyday nature provides something beautiful to witness:bigsmile: :flowerforyou:
  • sarahnc_
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    Hey, another islander here, but from PEI! I'm not living at home right now though, and totally missing the maritimes! I'm adding you!
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    ADD ME PLEASE :flowerforyou: XXX TTT GG
  • Hi im new, trying to get in shape....Ive lost 60 pounds in the past but gained it all back when I stopped working out, now im back on my diet & trying to lose 50 pounds...last month I lost 10 so my goal is 10 pounds a month :)
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    Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to reply to my first MFP post, and your friendly greetings, very much appreciated! I'm looking forward to a continued correspondence with all of you!

    Thanks again,
    Fogo Island, Newfoundland
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    Welcome!!!! I'm from Ontario, but would love to visit Newfoundland one day :)
  • cruisinskier
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    Hi from Ontario! We have spent a week touring the Rock and it is truly amazing! Strongly recommend everyone visit. Gros Morne should be on everyone's bucket list. We hope to go back one day to see the icebergs. We would also love to ski Marble Mountain. I am always looking for new MFP friends so feel free to add me. Jerry
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    I'm not from Canada, but I spent the better part of my summers in Nova Scotia my whole childhood and have been to all the Martime Provinces except for New Foundland! I'd love to go there some day. Also my grams was born on PEI and lived there during her childhood. I'm 30 but have suffered with back problems since age 22 (early arthritis). It can be a challenge to get moving when you are in pain. But I'm here to help for tips and tricks!
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    Hello from South Florida and welcome to MFP. It's a lovely place full of fantastic people!