Sodium, Potassium, Dizzyness...



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    Bumping for the info - Thanks :smile:
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    FYI, potassium supplements (at least the ones I have) only supply 3% of the RDA. :ohwell:

    That may be...I haven't looked at mine (or should I say, my husband's), I do know that they seem to work for me. I take hydrochlorizide and it can be depleting. An extra potassium supplement seems to do the trick. But, then again, it could all be between my ears...
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    Being diabetic doesn't mean you can not get your potassium in. I am diabetic and I get anywhere from 3500 to 4700 daily (4700 is recommended amount). I eat 6 meals a day (3 main, and 3 snacks). I also only eat between 1200 to 1300 calories a day. I am also on a lower carb diet (Usually under 100 a day on carbs).

    My food diary is open so take a look. A good source for potassium is V8, I buy the low sodium and an 8oz glass has 900 potassium. also if you get enough potassium, it helps your body rid of extra sodium too.
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    If you feel dizzy, you should make an appointment to see your gp.
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