First 5k



  • tresmommy86
    tresmommy86 Posts: 94 Member
    I'm running my first 5K this weekend. The Color Run is in Nashville this Sunday and I can't wait! Too excited! :drinker:
  • crista_b
    crista_b Posts: 1,192 Member

    I did my first 5k on Sept 29, but I don't really count it as a real 5k (didn't track time) because it was the color run, and I had my running app going which measured it as only 2.66 miles, not a 5k. It was also the day after moving to a new apartment on the top floor of my building so my legs were too tired/sore to really do it.

    My sister and I are probably going to do the Ditka Dash at Soldier Field (we're major Bears fans) on Nov 30. My goal is to run the whole thing and finish in under 40 minutes (I run really slow!).

    I started running about 5 months ago, and I'm up to 6 miles at a time for my long runs. I'm working on getting up to half marathon training right now, then I'll move on to full marathon training. :bigsmile:
  • devilwhiterose
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    Excellent! It feels sooooo good.

    I'm a beginner runner. I set a goal for a half marathon in April. Cheers! :drinker:

    Wow! How many miles are you running per week?

    I'm limited due to my work schedule, but I'm doing 2.5-3 miles three nights a week, and then a long run once a week. I'm building up so my long run is 4-5miles. My biggest struggle is that I have to remember to force myself to take a rest day! Lots of water, and relax. I have a habit of pushing too hard and hurting my shins...
  • devilwhiterose
    devilwhiterose Posts: 1,157 Member
    I'm running my first 5K this weekend. The Color Run is in Nashville this Sunday and I can't wait! Too excited! :drinker:

    You will have sooooo much fun! Wear sunglasses though! I had my contact lense dyed pink from the "color"!
  • Angila
    Angila Posts: 91 Member
    Way to go!!! I love to run but right now I'm in a funk! I hope to get back to running this afternoon. Good work!!!
  • RoyBeck
    RoyBeck Posts: 947 Member
    Good luck with your first 5k this weekend.
  • ajsjourney
    ajsjourney Posts: 22 Member
    I never thought I would be a runner and im hooked! Check out my race schedule on profile! :) Welcome to the club! :happy:
  • RoyBeck
    RoyBeck Posts: 947 Member
    I never thought I would be a runner and im hooked! Check out my race schedule on profile! :) Welcome to the club! :happy:

    Thanks! It's certainly an addiction but a good one!
  • mayonie1
    mayonie1 Posts: 296 Member
    Well done...I ran my first 5k 3weeks ago without one single exercise and my time was 55mins. I'm running my 2nd 5km tomorrow morning and hoping to run within 40mins, another one next and that addicted already!
  • TeamBlackAnchor
    TeamBlackAnchor Posts: 26 Member
    You all are so inspiring!(Seriously, I love reading this stuff)

    I just started running this week(more like powerwalking. I signed up to run a 5k in February and the slowest you can go is a 17:10 pace and you have an hour to get done. I tried the first workout on the Couch-to-5k app lastnight, got about 12 minutes in, and then my calves locked up. I stopped for a minute and then walked fast for another 25 minutes instead. I am severely out of shape but I am already starting to change that. :)

    Do you guys have any tips or advice?
  • RoyBeck
    RoyBeck Posts: 947 Member
    Your doing just fine. DON'T RUSH, listen to your body and things will get better. Your body is adapting to the new you but it'll take time. Get plenty of rest in between running.
  • mlogantra76
    mlogantra76 Posts: 334 Member
    Congrats! I did my first one August 10th and I have done many since then. It is addicting! I have done two a weekend several weekends in a row and it caught up to me...Overly tired and feeling burnt out. So yes, get plenty of rest and don't overdo it:) I'm glad I had only signed up for one this weekend. I did it and am looking forward to doing some cross training tomorrow instead of running:)
  • allycolli
    allycolli Posts: 28 Member
    That's terrific! I just actually ran 4.25 miles this week (personal best), so I understand your euphoria :)
  • mg_89
    mg_89 Posts: 189 Member
    wow! Congrats!!!
  • Congratulations that's awesome I want to be able to 5k as well. At the moment I am having really bad problems with getting stitches. The furtherest Ive ran is 1.6k at the moment but occasionaly I barely get to 1k without having to stop from the pain. Can you help me out? I try not to eat or drink before hand maybe I'm not breathing right???
  • Domane1963
    Domane1963 Posts: 85 Member
    Congratulations! Those feelings of elation, achievement and pride are VERY addictive - be warned! lol I started C25K in May and have been regularly running 5K a couple of times a week since August. However, I recently joined a local gym, with a view to using the treadmill over the cold and wet winter, but have found it difficult to find my "distance" mojo on the machines. So for the last couple of weeks I have been "messing around" - power walking high inclines or sprinting on the flat for shorter distances, a bit of HIIT on the bikes, weight training etc, but not knuckling down to the REAL task of the long-distance treadmill run.

    Woke up this morning with a positive mental attitude and decided today was THE day to run 5K on the treadmill. Got there to find them all in use, so I hit the pavement in the rain and found I now have a lot more strength and stamina.... I managed EIGHT km today! I can't believe it.... AND managed some hills that I'd previously had to walk. So my "messing around" in the gym is clearly paying off....

    I'm definitely going to start pushing for 10K now... as a 50yo grandmother who only started running in May, I NEVER thought I'd be saying that!!!

    Good luck.... keep running!!
  • mwilke
    mwilke Posts: 378 Member
    Congratulations! That is awesome!
  • Slatzuk
    Slatzuk Posts: 80 Member
    Well done.

    Find you local parkrun at for a weekly, free, fun, timd event that welcomes runners of all abilities.

    Since my first park run I've gone from a 5k personal best of 39 minutes to 31 minutes.

    I'm going to beat 30 mins before Christmas.
  • Mavalicous
    Mavalicous Posts: 52 Member
    I too just started running a month ago. Initially I would jog (stopping a few times) to a point that was half a mile and then walk home. Soon thereafter I pushed myself and made it that distance and back jogging (with a few 10 pace stops to catch my breath.)

    Once I knew I could jog the mile I recalculated the distance and jogged a mile out and walked the mile home.

    Now I am jogging the entire way there and back and the last few days I managed to do it without stopping once!! Oh and I might also add I do this twice a day. Once in the morning and again immediately after work. There is just nothing sweeter than seeing the sweat dripping down my brow or nose as I'm jogging, hahaha!

    I plan on running a 5k at an event in KC in June, but by then I may be ready for a 10k!! lol
  • Congrats! There's something cool about hitting that magic number and setting a new goal.

    Like you, I started the C25K app back in July or August, not positive. I followed it to a T up until the end of week 3 because my knees hurt so bad I could hardly walk. At this point I was using a treadmill for all of it. I abandoned the program and switched to ellipticals or stationary bikes for a few weeks until my knees felt better, then I started running one day a week outside. I still haven't run on a treadmill since then.

    *Checking RunKeeper app*: I ran (well, jogged) 5k for the first time, without stopping on Friday, August 30. 3.22 miles at 12:39 per mile. Total time 40:46. It was on a rail-trail so it was flat and straight and I was still a huffing, puffing, sweating mess but I did it.

    This morning I completed 3.2 miles at 10:21 per mile. Total time 33:01. This was on streets and sidewalks around town with a fair amount of hills. I still breathe heavy and sweat a lot but not anywhere near like I would have 7 weeks ago.

    Oddly enough I don't know that I'll ever actually enjoy it; however, I do enjoy *being able* to do it, which is why I keep at it. Sounds dumb, but works for me.
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