Hungier after qutting smoking??

I quit smoking just over 2 weeks ago.. 17 days ago to be precise ;)
Before hand I was doing fine, sticking to my calories everyday (1700+ depending on exercise) only going slightly over now and again, but since I've stopped smoking i've felt a lot hungrier! Its like if I dont eat I get extremely tired and also i've been wanting more snack foods like crisps which I had more or less stopped eating, and I'm feeling hungrier on a night after i've eaten my calories for the day which I've struggled with in the past..

I'm really motivated to not start smoking again and need some advice on how to deal with these cravings i'm having as its going to halt my weightloss if I don't stop it now!

Thanks for any replies :flowerforyou:


  • sabinecbauer
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    Two-pronged answer:

    a) Nicotine is known to reduce your appetite. So there's that.
    b) Plain old oral satisfaction. You're sucking on a cigarette not for the smoke or the nicotine or the tar (if you're really weird :wink: ), but in order to put something in your mouth--well, it's a large part of why people smoke. So, if you suddenly quit putting cigarettes in your mouth, you're bound to feel like you want to put something else in.

    In other words, it's not really hunger but rather some nasty combination of appetite and habit. The good news is, eventually you'll get over it. It may take a while, but it will get better.

    And yes, been there, done that, non-smoker since June 2011 :bigsmile:
  • aishazi
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    ah ok, thanks!!

    Also well done for giving up! How long did you find until it started to get better for you?
  • sabinecbauer
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    Sorry about the delay--I was away for a bit :)

    Uh... it took about a month or so. Mind you, I was down to five cigarettes a day by the time I quit, so it probably was less of a deal in my case.
  • Quitting too! Its definitely tough, I smoked a LONG TIME and quit a for a while and started again last august.

    Been cigg free since Monday morning. I do have an e-cigg that I'm using at half the nicotine. Its almost out so I'll use the 0% I have and then hopefully get over it completely.

    for me its more the habit of doing it while i'm driving, with my morning coffee, after eating.

    Like you i'm finding myself hungrier and snacking more.