I NEED FRIENDS!!!! ..... looking to loose 30-40 pounds

im new to this and was looking for some friends to keep each other motivated.... i am a stay at home mom looking to it all from home (i live in the stix) ...... my goal is to get back down to around 135 :) my problem is i love food and easily talk myself into eating it for many reasons like who cares i can loose weight later ... ill workout tomorrow ... my husband loves me big or small.... i don't really leave the house much or i worked out so much i can have one of those.... lol i have lots of reasons to want to eat but im trying to change that and along the way need some people to help me do that cause everyone im around has no interest in losing weight or going on a "diet"


  • sheepysaccount
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    Hey there, I'd love to be your motivator/friend. I want to lose around 20-30 pounds. Teacher, geek, and I love to eat, too :P
  • I'm a stay at home mom also,Feel free to add me!
  • samanthasimps0n
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    Hi!! I would to love help motivate and support you! :) We're all in this together, right? I recently just canceled my gym membership so that I could start a workout program at home and LOVE IT!! It's called TurboFire. I've been doing it for 4 weeks now and feel the best i've felt in...probably years! I've also been following a meal plan which lets me eat MORE than what I originally planned for myself and the weight is dropping off :) If you need more personal support - definitely add me and I can build you a meal plan/talk about workouts/motivate each other :)
  • AprilSchulte10
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    Add me! Im a mom with two little boys too. I sit at my desk job all day and then at night I'm home with the boys all evening. :)
  • NewspaperMomma
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    well, Ill be some motivation for you.! i'm after the same 30 pounds,
    and a stay at home mom, of two kids. and a husband who loves me, big or small.!
    I do a lot o my exercise on my living room floor,
    as we don't have the millions of dollars to spend at the gym,
    and found a great Cardio workouts, for beginners, like yourself and me on Youtube.!

    add me if you like! I like seeing what everyones eating, and what they are doing to burn it all.
    and like I was told, run don't walk to the BMR calculator under apps. <will be your second best friend.
  • bekahlou75
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    I'm also new to this. I want to lose about 10 pounds. I lost about 18 pounds doing Weight Watchers last year and I've gained about 10 pounds back. I have 1200 calories a day and have just started P90X Lean.
  • sarah021912
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    Hi! You can add me too! I am a full time working mom to one little girl who is 20 months old but I too kept all the baby weight I gained (35lbs) but would like to weight around 120 (I am only 5'3, I currently weigh 170 I was a little heavy when I first got pregnant). I just started my weight loss journey last monday and am motivated more than ever to get rid of it, since my goal is to lose weight and become healthy inorder to add another addition to our family :) I have been focusing on a 1300-1400 calorie diet since I sit most of the day at a desk job but I will be starting jillian michaels 30 day shred tonight too. I have done it before, and gave up but I am ready to return and get back into shape. I could always use someone else to talk for support, and am always looking to help!
  • kimdyj
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    I have another 20 to lose feel free to add me! My diary is open to everyone.
  • nehmon
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    Hi @ all.

    also feel free to add me.
    I'm going for at least another 40 lbs.
  • Laura741
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    Added you!!! :)
  • DanielleLisa222
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    Looking to loose 45 ... anyone else can feel free to add me as well! :)