October was a good month (progress pic)



  • ohaston
    ohaston Posts: 218 Member
    Congrats .. You look fabulous (only 16 lbs WOW ) ...I've lost nearly 50 lbs and have only dropped from a size tight 22 or 24 depending on where I brought them from to a size 18! But its ok... Ive lost quit a few inches so I know it will even itself out soon!
    Hang in there ... You're doing GREAT!
  • mrsamanda86
    mrsamanda86 Posts: 869 Member
    You look great, and have done an awesome job in the time period of only a month! Keep it going on and makesure you take time to realize your hard work! Good job :)
  • SuperCrsa
    SuperCrsa Posts: 790 Member
    Wow great going girl! :smile:
  • ummyasminah
    ummyasminah Posts: 95 Member
    That's really great, keep up the effort! You're looking good!
  • Super well done!!! Thanks for motivating me. Keep up the awesome work.
  • Hildy_J
    Hildy_J Posts: 1,050 Member
    That weight is falling off! You're doing great. ALSO you are absolutely beautiful - that skin!
  • MityMax96
    MityMax96 Posts: 5,778 Member
    Looking good.

    Keep it up. :drinker: :drinker:
  • Joannesmith2818
    Joannesmith2818 Posts: 438 Member
    Thats just 1 month difference??? Thats incredible.

    and i really want your hat ;p
  • BorntoROAR
    BorntoROAR Posts: 91 Member
    Your difference is amazing, and you are one beautiful lady!!!
  • aliann30
    aliann30 Posts: 291 Member
    that's AWESOME progress in just a month!!!! Way to go!!! :drinker:

    It took me over a year to lose 50 lbs, when I had hoped to be at goal within a year. I wouldn't go back and do it any differently though because I've learned so much and it's become my lifestyle. I have no fear of gaining it back when I hit my goal because the change has been gradual enough that I can no longer imagine living any other way.

    Keep it up!!!

    **btw, LOVE the hat!! :bigsmile:
  • 120mustdo
    120mustdo Posts: 48 Member
    Wow, Give yourself a big hug, excellent work my girl!
  • clandrum1984
    clandrum1984 Posts: 94 Member
    You look AMAZING... Keep up the phenomenal work!
  • That's awesome! I would LOVE results like yours for a month! Congrats on getting closer to your goal!

    This was the progress I made for this month, I guess I'm a slow starter :laugh: . Also, I apologise for the absolute state my bathroom mirror is in :ohwell: Living in a house with 3 men gets messy real fast....

    This is 3kg ( around 6 and a half pounds) of loss. I wish I had worked out harder this month, so I'll have to make sure that I get the motivation to go harder for November. I've got a goal to drop a dress size by the end of the year, so I hope I can make it! Feel free to add me if you want a motivation buddy :)
  • MasterKat
    MasterKat Posts: 149
    Be proud! You're doing great and the results are in the pictures!!! Well done!
  • egh1974
    egh1974 Posts: 147
    Big difference in your face! AWESOME!
  • cseaglass19
    cseaglass19 Posts: 9 Member
    2 pants sizes--that's fantastic! Doesn't that feel good? Congrats! :bigsmile:
  • Narc_soda
    Narc_soda Posts: 181 Member
  • winterskykim
    winterskykim Posts: 28 Member
    awesome job.. u should be proud of yourself!!!
  • vanryswicksl
    vanryswicksl Posts: 16 Member
    Great job! You still have a week to go so don't beat yourself up over the 2 pounds just yet. You are looking AWESOME and I love the Muno hat:wink:
  • 40andFindingFitness
    40andFindingFitness Posts: 497 Member
    Nice work!
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