women in their 20s - we should support each other!

We are at the age where you are no longer a teenager, with parents to blame and skinny little girls to stare at in class making you feel crappy all the time. And we aren't old enough yet to blame our fat stores on changing hormones or tons of kids (unless you started having kids early :P). We might be in college, we might be starting families, but we are all in that time period when if you havent been skinny your whole life, it can be hard to make the transition from chunky to thin. School, career, bills.... stress from every angle. And time? we dont have time...

I have a real lack of friends on my app, so I was hoping to gain the support of some of the women who might be going through life the way I am. I'm struggling with grad school, working as a lab instructor, and trying to find time to lose weight without driving myself crazy. I'd love to support other women in my position and Id love the support of some women who have been there and somehow managed to be successful.

So friend me, 20-30 yr old women. :)


  • MrsJGatsby
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    Great post!

    Expect a request in a minute! :wink:
  • RosieWest8
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    I am also in graduate school. I lost most of my goal amount prior to beginning grad school, but I did lose another 10lbs while here. I am sooo busy though!!! I understand what you are going through. =D Great post!
  • prefabsey
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    This sounds like my kind of thread! I'm 24, just finished my MA. Grad school wasn't great for my physical health. I'm now entering the workforce and dealing the stress of starting a career... all while trying to be as healthy as I can be.

    Add me!
  • I'm 26, done with school, have a full-time job, and I have a relatively stress free life right now, which is why there's no excuse for my bad habits. Great idea getting 20-somethings together. Everyone feel free to add me. My diary is open, and I love looking at other people's diaries.
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    Great thread! I'm 25 and I have an 8 almost 9 year old son so I can't blame it on baby fat anymore lol I'm going to start college I'm Jan. I'm at my highest weight ever even while pregnant. I'm 5'2 and 180 lbs. My goal weight is 125. I also have PCOS that contributed to my weight gain but I'm battling it. :) Feel free to add me. Open invitation.
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    school, teaching part time, writing thesis, getting ready for huge move, trying make sure money is enough for said move and the added stress of doing it all in Chinese yeah think i could use the extra support too ;-) consider yourself added
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    But i'm 33...i still shop at Forever21. Does that count?
  • archoo_letsdothis
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    28 and studying, looking for a job, vacation for a month in India coming up ( which is more stressful than any vacation because I need to attend two weddings, tons of family members to meet and parties to attend --> food) , interviews when I get back, exams to study for. Right now I am relaxed , but it is going to get hectic next month onwards > That is when I need most support , to keep in mind that my health is a priority. Good health ---> Happy me.
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    I'm 27, graduated with my doctorate 2 years ago, grad school was definitely not good for my health. Made it through though, started my job got married and let my health go to the way-side. Ready to make a change and get out of this unhealthy life forever! Awesome idea for all of us who are facing similar problems to get together, everyone feel free to add me!
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    I'm 25, going to school full time, working full time, and planning my wedding. I need a lot of support, and would love to support others as well. I used to be great at living a healthy, active lifestyle, but after a really terrible low point in my life I started binge eating, and have not resolved my issues entirely yet. I am working on it, but it is a struggle.
  • cc918
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    I feel exactly the same! I'm 22, just finished my undergrad, and dealing with that transition period.. lots of changes, lack of time, and always so much to do. Staying on track has been a challenge lately. I'd love some support too. Great post!
  • I am 21!!! Feel free to add
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    I agree :) added you as a friend!
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    I want to help support other women like us too! I am 25 (almost 26) and spent most of my life a bit overweight. I want to get that weight off and learn how to keep it off before it is too late and even harder to get it off!!
  • blably
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    hii im Mon... im 23, finishing my MBA wokin full time...

    and o top of it newly single and changed my friends circle (my ex is now with my ex best friend) plus in the process of moving to another country cause i got a great job offer...plus thinkin of goin to study a totally diff thing than what my career is now (microbiology and then a masters in genetics) so i think i can say i am having quite some stuff goin on =) plus i just started workin out for real again after my major surgery in the end of august...

    love to meet new people :)
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    I am 27, work full time, no kids. And need to get this stubborn fat off me. Want to lose about 20-30lbs. You all can add me
  • sarahertzberger
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    dang I'm out 23 with my 4th on the way lol but I'm not going to use my pregnancies as an excuse to be overweight anymore!!
  • ellar102
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    hello! just turned 21 & could use the extra support.
    feel free to add me:-)
  • GothyFaery
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    I am almost 25. I have been married for 5 wonderful years, not planning on kids (3 dogs are enough for me) and I work between 10 and 11 hours a day. Between work, making dinner, giving my dogs and husband equal amounts of attention, it is hard for me to find time to work out. Before I started MFP (3 weeks ago) most days I was so tired after work, we would just grab some fast food the way home. I'm trying to kick that habit now but it is hard to change something you've done your whole life. Some support from people going through some of the same issues is a great idea!
  • Jaimie6171
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    Agreed! I think we all succeed better with great support! I am 26 with no kids, and I used to be able to eat anything I wanted!!! Obviously that has gotten me into some bad habits I am trying to break! I have lost about 15 pounds (not much but on my short frame it helps a ton!), but I can feel myself stalling so I would love some new motivational friends to kick my butt into gear!!!