Couch to 5k: who has done it?

Hey everyone!

I started the c25k program this summer and just took it up again. I just started week 4 and having just looked at the upcoming weeks, I was wondering how other people found the last weeks of the program! I'm trying to stay motivated to be able to run a 10k this summer.

If you have done it, did you like the results? I haven't lost weight but I feel that I'm more toned and slip easier in my jeans, which is nice! Also, did it motivate you to go up to a 10k?

Thanks so much!!


  • teamAmelia
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    I restarted last Wednesday and started W2 on Saturday. My aim is to increase my speed. I "ran" for 9 miles about a week after doing C25K and did that in 2 hours. Just like we did in week 5 with the big jump in mileage, you just have to jump in and really push yourself. Of course, I was going really slow, only 4.5 mph, but the point is that I would have been able to run in a 10K. Just push yourself in one of your runs and see how far you can go.
  • Sovictorrious
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    I did it, i loved it!
  • TeamDale54
    I did it last year!
  • jrfarms88
    jrfarms88 Posts: 12 Member
    Started with the couch to 5K in 2012, and plan to run a marathon in June 2014.
  • AmyRhubarb
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    Made a runner out of me! I followed the program exactly as written, even completing the daunting Week 5 without a problem - that felt so AWESOME! Almost two years later, I'm still running on a regular basis and enjoying it. I was out there for a 4 miler in the rain this morning - first rain run of the season and I absolutely loved it.
  • moochachip
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    I did it a year or two ago, and am running marathons now. Not saying everyone will aim for that goal, but the program itself works. I recommend finding a 5K to register for now so you feel like you must make it to the end.

    Make sure you run at a pace where-as you can talk comfortably to someone. If you push yourself too hard, you will hate running. Speed builds up over time.
  • hernandez927
    I'm doing It now. I'm on week 4 and I love it. I've never really ran before. This has really helped strengthen my legs and lungs. I have asthma and haven't had any issues. I love this program. Try it!!
  • just4nessa
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    I just finished the program about 2 weeks ago. The last few weeks looked daunting, but I surprised myself by not having to repeat any days. I'll admit that I didn't fall in love with running, but I've done a few "free runs" and plan on doing one tomorrow because I like having some variety in my workouts.
  • PetulantOne
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    It worked for me.

    I went from not being able to run more than 20 secs, to being able to run 30 min comfortably.

    I also finished the 10K program. I can physically run a 10k, but my brain checks out, and it becomes a struggle to keep going.
  • BobbyDaniel
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    I was around week 7 at this point 3 years ago; for me the hardest weeks were 3 & 4. I thought I would die in week 3 and wanted to die in week 4 but something clicked during week 5 and I surprised myself when I finished the first 20 minute run. I stayed with the program, finished it and followed it up with a 5K about 3 weeks later. I haven't stopped, I'll be running my 3rd full marathon next March.
  • peleroja
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    I did it but I skipped a bunch as I was already in okay shape (but had never run) and found I could push myself further than it expected me to do. But I'm now very comfortable running 5K, when I couldn't even run a minute straight beforehand.
  • sophie_wr
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    I hated running since I was able to walk - not able to run more than 1 second (max !)
    currently doing week 6 and it surprisingly goes pretty well !!!!
    As people just said, I also was surprised to succeed running 20 minutes straight !!!

    Totally recommend it ;-)
  • brandiuntz
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    I did it starting in January. It's what got me into running. I've completed several 5k races, a 10k (which I loved), and will run my first half marathon in a month. Running has done wonders for my endurance.

    I did not take up running for weight loss. I took it up to improve my fitness. I had no idea I'd fall in love with running as a sport in the process.
  • jfl5
    jfl5 Posts: 37
    I recently completed the C25K program and actually wound up winning my division (Masters) in my first 5K. I used the Zen Labs version. I'm not as crazy about the 10K program, however. The intervals don't make as much sense to what my body can do, and at present, I'm doing a warm up walk and then just running. I like that I can gauge my endurance better and see my split times.

    As with others here, the C25K interval training made a runner out of me. I've started trail running and experimenting with "barefoot" running (zero-drop shoes). I'm going to do a 5-mile charity run next month and bump up to a 10K sometime in the spring.

    Here's some advice I posted on C25K in an earlier thread though:
    Don't get behind! I did, and then in Week 7, I ran 5 days in a row in order to catch up. I wound up with some tightness and pain in my left knee, and in Week 8, I did not complete the last couple of training sessions so that I could rest my knee. In my 5K, my knee started aching badly just before the last 100 yards, which killed my finishing push. Though I ran well, I could have run even faster on a healthy knee. So... If you are older or if you have joint issues, my advice is to take advantage of off-days to let your body rest and recuperate.
  • besdais
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    This has been interesting reading. I was thinking about trying it, but with the cold and snow coming up, maybe I should wait until next spring. I just can't imagine that I could do it - I have never been able to run any distance.
  • madds2
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    I'm just starting to do it but here's a question. When I run on the treadmill I do OK, almost enjoy it. When I ran outside for the first time in my life it felt like I was pounding the pavement really hard. I now I'm a chubby gal but I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. I was wearing older running shoes so maybe that was it or could it be that I was doing whimpy running like Phoebe did in that episode of "Friends". Is it possible to learn how to run like I know what I'm doing down the road so I can run in public?
  • AngieBeeHotz
    I am a natural running coach and I often recommend the C25k program! Its well laid out and easy to progress at just the right speed. Best of luck to you!!!!!
    I also do virtual coaching if anyone is interested at
  • wiscck
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    I'm in the middle of week 6 right now. This is the third time I've tried it. The first two times I had to stop, once due to severe illness and the other to injury, and I really hope nothing happens and I can finish this time!
  • Hayaa79
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    M on week 5 doing Treadmill C25K:bigsmile:
  • ElizabethFuller
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    I did C25K during July and August this summer and have been running 5K every other day since. I found the first couple of weeks really hard but I think I was trying to go too fast in the running, when I slowed down I found it easier and my first fully-run 5K was at the splendid time of 48 minutes (my skinny son pointed out he could walk it faster than that, :smile:) I have worked at my speed but I'll never be a sprinter, the fastest I've managed so far is 37:40 which is still pretty slow - but I love it!
    I have lost weight, I aim for a daily deficit of 500 calories but my muscles are definitely more toned.
    I haven't considered 10K, at the speed I run I'm not sure I have the time to train for it! :laugh: