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Briargrey Posts: 498 Member
Okay, I finally felt compelled to do a personal topic :) I love doing yoga, but being short and very fat made it difficult. Certain poses were impossible because the fat just got in the way, not because I wasn't limber enough. In addition, my lower back area (self-nicknamed my 'back shelf') was super sensitive, so lying on the floor and trying to roll from one side to the other or pull my legs up etc was excruciatingly painful. This wasn't because of spine issues but was tissue sensitivity. Regardless, I was good at adapting to what I was capable of doing, but I fell out of doing yoga last year. I haven't been back since I really started losing weight, but I went last night...

the difference was amazing! Crossing my legs was possible, putting one leg over the other and twisting to stretch was possible, lying on my back to roll didn't cause excruciating pain. I was thrilled. Throwing out my whole closet and buying new stuff was nice. Not getting winded in the airport while walking to gates is fantastic. Knowing I'm closing in on breaking the 200 barrier finally is awesomesauce. And what drove it all home and reminded me that this new, permanent, awesome life journey I am on is working was last night at yoga when my fat didn't impede me from doing what I've always been capable of.

Yoga rocks because you can do it at all weights and levels; you just adapt it for you, and I love that about it. Now I love it even more just simply because I can cross one leg over the other when I couldn't before :)


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