Should include drinks in my calorie count?

Hi everyone,

If I'm on a 1,200 calorie diet - and I drink quite a bit of tea (I love my tea :)) and orange juice for example, would I count this too?

Obviously 1200 is a low intake, so just double checking that a 1,200 calorie diet is based on just foods plus drinks, or if I should eat 1,000 cals for my breakfast, lunch and dinner and leave 200 spare for drinks?

Sounds like a dumb question but I want to make sure I'm eating enough and not putting my body into starvation mode by just having 1,000 calories in food

I know that calories is just another measurement for energy, so I assume I'm ok doing what I'm doing !

Thanks in advance


  • qtgonewild
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    absolutely count everything that goes in your mouth. and oj has a lot of calories :(
  • montoyarenee
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    Yes, track everything! Drinks can be a hidden source of additional calories. Those calories are treated no different than food calories in the body. Good luck with your weight loss journey!
  • twinsmom03
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    Yes. Count everything that has calories :)
  • Lauraplane
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    Yeah, count everything.
  • Ok that's great thanks :) I lost quite a bit of weight a few year ago, and my rule was 1000 calories and then I can drink whatever I want (in moderation of course) so I can have my cups of tea and orange juice. I lost weight, but after researching I heard that 1000 calories is dangerous etc, but it worked for me - maybe because plus drinks I was at around 1200 calories.

    I'm not overweight now, I'm just researching as I over indulged on holiday and while I've been out of work, so just getting back into shape on a short term diet :)

    Does this sound healthy, I've read alsorts of bad stuff about 1000 cal diets and it scared me a little!
  • farway
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    absolutely count everything that goes in your mouth. and oj has a lot of calories :(

    This ^^^ and watch out, orange juice is is loaded with calories

    tea is not too bad, but it does depend how you have it, with milk & sugar, beware those hidden calories. black is not a big problem
  • Siansonea
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    Why would calories "not count"? :huh:
  • Thanks everyone! Feeling motivated :)
  • LeighRaeW
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    Anything that goes in your mouth should be added/counted, even if it's not something you swallow (i.e. chewing gum). Drinks are where a lot of calories can sneak in, so measure and record carefully. Good luck!
  • Calories are calories regardless of what form they come in. You're better off and will be better satisfied to consume your 1200 calories in a solid form in order to remain satisfied. Have an orange rather than the juice to benefit from the fiber which will help you feel full longer. I drink a lot of no calorie iced white and green tea from Trader Joe's and add a hint of agave syrup for sweetener.
    Good luck!
  • kristarablue2
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    Absolutely, juice or soda can add a ton of calories if you drink too much. The only thing I don't count is plain black coffee and unsweetened tea and water because the calories are so low or non at all. The calories in drinks can really sneak up on you if you are not careful. If you want more calories you can either make your calorie intake higher if you feel it is too low or add exercise and then eat or drink back your calories:)
  • qtgonewild
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    if your drinking calories then you wouldnt be at a 1000 calorie day diet.
  • jillianbeeee
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    yes. Everything that goes in your mouth. :)
  • born2drum
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    I really hope you're 5'0" and 100lbs if you're cutting at 1000kcals.
  • Perfect! Thanks guys. I treat myself to sea with semi skimmed milk with my lunch, and then I have camomile and green teas too as they make me feel refreshed. Thank for the tip, I will replace the juice with actual fruit, or even might make some smoothies!
  • NikiChicken
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    absolutely count everything that goes in your mouth. and oj has a lot of calories :(

  • Danni3ll3
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    I drink water or unsweetened green tea because juice, milk, soft drinks and so on can really add up the calories quickly. I rather use the 200 calories for food rather than drink because that will satisfy me a lot more than a drink. Not to say that I don't have the occasional glass of wine or flavoured coffee once or twice a month, but I put those in my calorie count. I think that a lot of people and children are struggling with obesity due to what they are drinking. I was shocked at how many calories I was ingesting by drinking pure fruit juice thinking I was doing my body good.
  • VorJoshigan
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    Does it have calories? Count it.

    I would count the OJ, but not the tea - unless you added sugar or it's out of a bottle.
  • Ok that's good thanks, I just made up my own diet that worked for me a while ago and only just learnt about the dangers of low calorie intake! Scary!
  • cwolfman13
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    your calorie goal is for calories...juice and whatnot has calories...very often a lot of them. Tea and such usually doesn't until you start adding stuff...but most beverages we drink have significant calories that have to be counted.