Goal Hit, Beard GONE!



  • luisalg14
    luisalg14 Posts: 202 Member
    Awesome!! :smile:
  • Awesome!! :drinker:
  • zebszee
    zebszee Posts: 31 Member
    well done that's amazing, keep on going :)

    Still rocking the pony tail
    Made a goal to myself a few months ago to not shave until I hit 299.9lbs.
    I hit that magical number today at 299.8 .

    I honestly have never been happier. Thank you everyone that has supported me. From being well over 400 pounds to my "12 year old" weight... it's just too much to describe in words. I broke down today and couldn't believe I've made it this far. My professional neckbeard growing skills are done for the moment.

    Just think... I've not been under 300 pounds since the age of 12 years old!!!
  • clover5
    clover5 Posts: 1,648 Member
    Fabulous Loss!! You really look great. And like your clean shave too. Bravo!
  • Great work, man!
  • pkoll
    pkoll Posts: 135 Member
    Nice job! You don't look like 299 pounds--I would have guessed a lot less!
  • itzehoe
    itzehoe Posts: 614 Member
  • annekka
    annekka Posts: 517 Member
    congrats, you look great and good luck continuing on!
  • jfauci
    jfauci Posts: 531 Member
    That is amazing! Congratulations!
  • luv2all
    luv2all Posts: 44 Member
    ROCK ON!!
  • rubisliprz
    rubisliprz Posts: 139 Member
    Lighter on the scale and light shining from your happy face, excellent!
  • MyJourney1960
    MyJourney1960 Posts: 1,133 Member
    fantabulous! very proud of you!
  • Such a wonderful transformation! You've done so well! Very proud of you!
  • Awesome.
  • funkim55
    funkim55 Posts: 214 Member
    Congratulations!!! You look wonderful!!!
  • claudiakendall98
    claudiakendall98 Posts: 242 Member
    Very nice accomplishment , You can be so proud.You look fantastic.
  • jennz81
    jennz81 Posts: 194 Member
    Way to go, you look great! Keep up the awesome work. :)
  • Flab2fitfi
    Flab2fitfi Posts: 1,349 Member
    Amazing loss. Well done on the all the hard work and it was a great gaol to set.
  • latenitelucy
    latenitelucy Posts: 1,314 Member
    That is all kinds of awesome!!! Congrats!
  • marye2021
    marye2021 Posts: 225 Member
    Bye bye beard hello goal! Great job!
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