Finally on my way back down...

Hello everyone! I gained weight very suddenly after being put on anti-depressants. Within four months I had gained fifty pounds and proceeded to gain another 35 pounds or so over the next year. Talk about REALLY depressed!
Anyway, I was up to 250 pounds when I decided I wanted to make my fiftieth birthday fabulous by getting fit! I am about 16 months out from making landfall in the fifties so I figure I have plenty of time to do this right.
First thing is, I've stopped being scared of scales. Hiding my head in the sand does no good! Bought a scale.
Replaced my almost-daily soft drink intake with healthy, very low-cal smoothies which actually feed my body instead of all that useless sugar.
I try to do at least one fast-paced active thing per day: walking, etc. for thirty minutes. I hate exercising so I only do what I want to do. Sometimes it's gardening or cleaning house.
I've cut down on eating late-night snacks by having something healthy instead (cut-up apple with a few brown rice crackers, etc.).
Anyway I am very excited that I have already lost 8 pounds on my goal to 155.
Love this site and all the help it provides! Good luck everyone!


  • CharlzO
    CharlzO Posts: 96 Member
    Welcome, and great start already! Gonna feel better each and every day your body is rewarding you for your choices!
  • JoanneLynn
    JoanneLynn Posts: 156 Member
    Good luck. You can do this.
  • Hiker_Rob
    Hiker_Rob Posts: 5,547 Member
    Great stuff and welcome to MFP! Feel free to add me as a friend if you like (as can any one else). Transitioning to a healthy life style allows the best of both worlds I think and although it is not a 'fast' weightloss, it is much more maintainable in the long run. All the best in reaching your goals!!