A good problem?

Hi, I cook almost everything from scratch - this means weighing carrots, onions etc - in fact everything! I find this tedious and time consuming. I know my meals are generally healthy - portion size maybe too big at times but that is a different problem of my own making. How do other people who cook from scratch get around this problem?


  • JessHealthKick
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    The problem of weighing? I never saw it as a problem, I use a digital scale so takes about 5 seconds per item to be honest.
  • beattie1
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    I just weigh them as I use them - or look for the "Generic" entries in the database that specify the size -
    e.g. "banana, small, 6" - 6 7/8 "
    The difference between, for example, carrots that count as "medium" isn't great. If it's a high calorie item like oil or other fats then you need to measure carefully.

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  • whitebalance
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    Tate button on the scale. Very easy.
  • Wildflower0106
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    I have never owned a food scale. I just eyeball it.
  • caseythirteen
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    I don't usually see it as a problem. It can be a bit tedious but I like the info it gives me so I do it anyway. Especially if it's a recipe I use often than it's that much easier to just make small adjustments the next time.
  • sullus
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    if your scale has a Zero/Tare feature, it can make it easy. I put a bowl on the scale, zero it, add an ingredient and get the number, zero it, add the next ingredient .. etc.

    But I ballpark a lot of things too. like 3 medium onions .. that could go anywhere from 275 to 375 grams, but I log as 3 medium onions. I just don't find getting an exact number to be worth the effort. once it's divided into 8, 10 (whatever) servings, it's just not a significant enough number.
  • lewandt
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    If it is a recipe i cook a lot, i enter it as a recipe then next time i find it in my data base and choose it. I do this for a lot of my recipes now and it saves a lot of time.
  • I cook all the time and fresh from scratch is the best. I've never weighed anything, portion control is what you make it. I know what I'm supposed to have so I stick to it most of the times lol I couldn't be bothered with weighing etc as I can find other things to do with my time and I love cooking so much that having to do all the measuring/weighing would not make it fun anymore. I choose healthy recipes and treat myself once in awhile :)
  • Many thanks for the responses. The thing I find tedious is sitting in front of the computer logging the grams etc. But I do appreciate that this allows the analysis of micro nutrients. Thanks again.