How often do you weigh yourself?

Hi everyone. I typically weigh in a couple of times a week but I'm trying to cut down since I feel I've become a little too focused on fluctuations. How often do you all weigh in, or what works best for you?

Thanks in advance :)


  • cmb67
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    I find the fluctuations help motivate me either way, so I do every other day.
  • simsburyjet
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    I have a scale at home, work and at the gym? So 3x a day.. pretty nuts
    I am in a weight club we weigh in Friday mornings and if we gain even one ounce from the previous
    friday we pay 2 dollars... I fluctuate up to 3lbs during the week
  • pzacher68
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    Once a week, on Wed/Thur. Alleviates the frustrations of fluctuations and plateaus are less stressful.
  • romancefan1983
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    This topic has been done alot. You should use the search option.

    My answer though is that I weigh myself everyday but I know daily fluctuations happen and don't let day to day increases stress me out. Today, for example, was higher than yesterday but I indulged in a yummy DQ Blizzard so I expected it to increase. It's the week over week/month or month numbers that are key.
  • Collier78
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    About once a month...I take measurements about every other week though.
  • loriq41
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    Every day unless I know I ate alot of sodium and I cannot take the
  • CardiacKev28
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    Once a month
  • 4daluvof_candice
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    Depends on how I feel..Once a week or once a month. I've enven went two months. I like to see how much I've lost in a month rather than a week. If Ive lost 4lbs that month, i'm good
  • Needachange84
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    MWF, just helps me keep on track. :)
  • FerretBuellerr
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    I weigh-in every week/every two weeks. I'll skip weigh-ins the week of my TOM and if I had heavy-eating events like a birthday party or family dinner on the weekend because I assume the number that will show is not reflective of the actual weight I have lost, since I'll most likely be retaining water from TOM and/or eating over my cal limit the few days before weighing-in.
  • Lives2Travel
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    Every day. Weight down = Motivation. Weight Up = Anger + Motivation. Either way works for me.
  • Hi everyone. I typically weigh in a couple of times a week but I'm trying to cut down since I feel I've become a little too focused on fluctuations. How often do you all weigh in, or what works best for you?

    Thanks in advance :)

    hi girl! I started out weighing myself once a week ... for about a year ...and that worked great! Then, I got obsessed and was jumping on a few times every day. Now, I am finding a happy medium. If I'm curious, I'll jump on scale couple times a week, but I will NOT allow myself to record my weight @ MFP more than once a week...on 'official' weigh in day.

    Needless to say, if you feel you're obsessing, cut off the daily weigh-ins. Focus on exercising and eating right and quit weighing for a week or a cpl. It's all a mind game and too many weigh-ins will screw up your mentality. ;)
  • janelle615
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    Everyday.....its kind of bad...I really should weigh myself once or twice a week.
  • Julene64
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    I used to weigh daily but now I try to stick with just once a week because the fluctuations (as normal as I know they are) really bum me out sometimes. But on those mornings when I wake up with that "feeling lighter" sensation I will get on the scale just to see. And more often than not I'm rewarded with good results, albeit usually small results, but good ones.
  • I weigh in daily. I don't worry about small fluctuations, and if I do see my weight go up a bit, it's just more motivation to push harder so that I can see a drop again soon.
  • keem88
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    i used to be an obsessive once a day or more weigher. with my recovery i am trying to stay away from the scale and only be weighed once a week when i go in to see the doctor
  • once a week either saturday or sunday morning after you relieve yourself and before you eat anything same time once a week will show progress and reduce discouargement.... weigh yourself naked too just like the day you were born
  • RipperSB
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    I am in maintenance now I used to weigh in once a week - Saturday morning after rising and visiting the bathroom. I would also get out the measuring tape every second week. Recently I read a post from an engineer who offered the idea that more data gets you more accuracy. People talk about fluctuations but if you only weigh in once a week, how do you know you're not weighing in on a "fluctuation"? It's all in how YOU process the information.
  • FitCurves444
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    I weigh myself every day. It helps me to keep track of the fluctuation because I want to observe patterns.
  • gobonas99
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    I weigh daily (usually...not if I'm out of town, obviously). :smile: I only log my weight on here once I have a loss that "sticks" for at least two days, but I log it into daily (I don't have any fitbit products, but I made a free account specifically for this purpose). I have my fitbit account tied to - trendweight is the most awesome thing EVER. We always say to not worry about daily fluxes, just the overall trend, but sometimes that overall trend is hard to see. Trendweight takes your actual daily weight logs (with all of the sometimes frustrating fluctuations), and smooths it out to an actual average trend even has a "forecast" trend line that continues out so you can see where your weight is forecasted to go for the next few days into the future (down, up or maintain). :bigsmile: