Actors you wish would go away...



  • Tom Cruise.


    Tom Cruise should have been strongly discouraged from acting and gone into construction. I wont watch anything with him in it, (LEGEND is the only execption, cuz Tim Curry with those giant horns cancels out the yucky tom cruise) Id also never like to see Leonardo Dicaprio, Meg Ryan, John Travola, or Rachel McAdams in anything ever again. They should try going into construction. Those hard hats and neon orange vests. And not in a state near me.
  • benefiting
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    Honestly I don't care. If I don't like their movies, I don't watch them. Let them make money.


  • allielikesjazz
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    I didn't think I cared until someone mentioned Russell Brand. God, that guy is annoying. Tom Cruise and Vin Diesel could never again make a movie and I wouldn't be sad. (Oblivion SUCKED, F&F needs to just...stop).
  • AlongCame_Molly
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    How in the heck has Russell Brand not made this list yet? The man desperately needs to be run over by a large truck.



    Russell Brand is listed in the dictionary under Class A Moron.


    This is the exact reason I can never ever take Katy Perry seriously. Like, ever. Just.....WHY??

    Back on topic: I have ALWAYS hated Jennifer Love Hewitt. That brainless, blank-stared, Bambi-eyed expression she can't seem to make anything other than just drives me crazy. I'd rather watch a four hour long film starring Kristen Stewart and Carrot Top than watch one more rom-com featuring that moron. I'm quite relieved to see her career has stagnated.

    Oh, and let's add Carrot Top to the list, shall we?
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Jessesbride
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    Tom Cruise... Can't stand him at all!!!
  • obrientp
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    Renee Zellweger,or however you spell it. With those squinty eyes and puckered mouth she always looks like she just ate a lemon.
  • atb0821
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    Agree about:

    Tom Cruise
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    Nick Cage (so much ewwwww)
    Russell Brand

    Do not agree:

    Jack Black (I would marry his cute butt if I could)
    Adam Sandler
  • AprilSchulte10
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    Jennifer Lopez, she's way beyond irritating... that voice :(

    Agree. Also, I know they are not "actors", but I really wish the Kardasians WOULD. JUST. GO. AWAY.

    On the K-clan note, they can take Kanye West with them. After I read this morning he tried to compare Kim K to Michelle Obama I have never been so over someone in my entire life!

    I am sick of People Magazine Comparing Kim Kardasian and North West to The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince George!
  • I'm probably gonna get heck for this one but Oprah needs to retire.
  • Myhaloslipped
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    I do enjoy Angelina Jolie and brad Pitt as actors. I will give them that. However, I am sick of hearing about their gazillion kids and how they are holding the media hostage by flip flopping over the idea of marriage. Enough already.
  • mcibty
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    Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller need to be in a traffic accident together.
  • mcibty
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    Russell Brand is listed in the dictionary under Class A Moron.

    Russel Brand is highly articulate and better read than most people. Call him many things, but not a moron.
  • arrseegee
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    I can't stand Will Smith if he's doing a comedy. He was great in 7 Pounds but in everything else he really annoyed me.
  • charliex2202
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    Jean Claude Van damme/ Steven Seagull ,....Their initial films were great now they are just repetitive and they are gettin on abit now. *just my opinion dont lynch me*

    Oh and Diane Kruger something about her makes me want to throw things at my tv lol, :bigsmile:

    there are other but i cant think of their names lol