Looking for Weight loss friends

Hi, my nae is Lorry and I am looking for some friends to help keep me motivated.
I just recently joined with 23 pounds to lose..I am now down to 21..
More about me? Well I work in Parrot rescue and rehabilitation. I enjoy shopping, Eating (probably too much), hanging our on facebook (again probably too much) and being with the feathered monsters :)
Feel friend to send me a friends request!


  • Hello! Adding you :)
  • blp2
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    Welcome to MFP, adding you now :)
  • Hi everyone-I also am needing motivation. I must lose weight for my health. I am married, no kids. Spend a lot of time with my fur backed monsters, two greyhounds. LOVE my dogs. Today is my 15th wedding anniversary, love my husband too! I have lost weight before basically counting calories. I am a candyholic. Sugar seems so innocent, but I can pack it down all too fast.
    The message boards mean a lot to me. We are all in this together, right?
  • hi everyone im looking 4 friends to motivate me lose weight came wth 97.9 kg nw 97in 2days.
  • Hi everyone! I'm looking for some weight loss friends as well. Let's motivate each other!
  • janelle615
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    I enjoy motivating people! Add me or anyone else feel free to add!
  • see449
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    Hi, My Name is Sue & I need motivation, you motivators out there please help. I am probally a little stubborn or need alot of guidance and this is the first time trying something like this but I do not know how to loose weight or exercise correctly but I do eliptical, the bicycle and treadmill but not sure if I do it correctly to get the best benefits and need to motivate more to do it. Thanks to anyone that can help. I am married and no children and 51 years old and have a dog also. Please add me.
  • Word up fellow MFP-ers! Feel free to join me on my journey to fitness and perfection!
  • jeanniemarie73
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    Im restarting and always looking for motivational friends, I want to lose 25-30. ill add you
  • cookn_mama
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    I'm always looking for motivated friends and friends to motivate. Add me.
    Good luck on your journey!!!!