what can you eat an entire container of without thinking...



  • lisa35120
    lisa35120 Posts: 230 Member
    I could easily eat an entire container of homemade salsa or guacamole! And I mean a pretty big container!
  • ElBence
    ElBence Posts: 291 Member
    Oreo cookies, especially after a big swim. Some recent studies show that rats have the same kind of responses to the stimulus of Oreos as they do to cocaine. It totally didn't surprise me.
  • kkay3182
    kkay3182 Posts: 90 Member
    Black forest cake a whole 8" 3 layer one without batting a single eyelash!!! or a whole cheese danish ring from panera!!!
  • GoBucks34
    GoBucks34 Posts: 75 Member
    Well not really a Container but a bag of sour cream and onion potato chips.
  • AmyZ46
    AmyZ46 Posts: 694 Member
    potato salad
  • wilmnoca
    wilmnoca Posts: 416 Member
    Nonfat plain Greek yogurt, nonfat cottage cheese, salsa
  • sewwy
    sewwy Posts: 21
    Tim Tams

    Damn those delicious little devils.
  • mampho
    mampho Posts: 6 Member
    any flavor of yoghurt damn
  • corgicake
    corgicake Posts: 846 Member
    Almonds, which I still expect to find with the rest of the salty crunchy things in the grocery store. And when it can be had on the cheap, salmon with butter lettuce. Tomatoes and strawberries too but only the organic ones if going fresh... oh yes there is a taste difference.
  • laurelboynton
    laurelboynton Posts: 104 Member
    Biscuits. Whole packets. Especially with a cup of tea (So English)

    Sharing size bags of m&ms. Especially peanut ones.

    Tubs of Ben and Jerrys.

    Damn my Sweet tooth!
  • DesireeNL
    DesireeNL Posts: 224 Member
  • TheFinalThird
    TheFinalThird Posts: 315 Member
    Pop Tarts and Double Stuff oreos. So ashamed. Feel like I just gained weight typing that. Gotta go climb some stairs.
  • jlgobert
    jlgobert Posts: 41 Member
    not a container but a whole medium pizza without a struggle, a large, but I will need to have about a ten minute break between halves
  • pinkraynedropjacki
    pinkraynedropjacki Posts: 3,103 Member
    Olive Pane di Casa. OMG it's the best bread I've ever had.
  • MainahGirl
    MainahGirl Posts: 282 Member
    Just about anything that has carbs. Chips, crackers, pretzels, popcorn etc, etc, etc. Oh, and raisins! Love those little devils!
  • mnm424
    mnm424 Posts: 259 Member
    peanut butter, raisins, watermelon
  • carolinehowells
    carolinehowells Posts: 26 Member
    Anything I'm not supposed to eat
  • LLT57
    LLT57 Posts: 21
    I could probabaly eat like a dozen or more small bags of crisps (potato chips) in one sitting. I could easily eat 2 large bags of kettle chips. That's probably like 2000 calories or more!
  • Smuterella
    Smuterella Posts: 1,623 Member
    any kind of houmous
  • BeccaBollons
    BeccaBollons Posts: 652 Member
    Garlic breaded mushrooms
    A whole iced fruit cake
    A whole malt loaf

    I can eat just about anything really- my middle name is not moderation. Give me a packet of anything I'll eat til its gone.