Blew My Doctor Away!



  • rmblackmt123
    rmblackmt123 Posts: 18 Member
    That's wonderful! Congrats and keep up your hard work!
  • Mita19
    Mita19 Posts: 43 Member
    Yeay!! you did it!! I have also read some of your stories, you are such an inspiration.
  • divainsneakers
    divainsneakers Posts: 397 Member
    Awesome job. Continued success!
  • ktrn0312
    ktrn0312 Posts: 723 Member
    Fabulous news!
  • FindingMyself24
    FindingMyself24 Posts: 613 Member
    Thats amazing!! Congrats!
  • MGinAK
    MGinAK Posts: 240 Member
    Awesome Success Story!!!
  • alphabetsoup2013
    alphabetsoup2013 Posts: 208 Member
    I always look forward to your posts. They are so inspiring. You are changing your life in so many exciting ways.

    I am so happy that your doctor had more good news for you.

    Continued success to you, my friend.
  • rrosborne88
    Congratulations!! That is amazing!! You should be so proud of yourself!!
  • SoDamnHungry
    SoDamnHungry Posts: 6,998 Member
    Your posts are always so inspiring. =) Congratulations on your successes!
  • Jlennhikes
    Jlennhikes Posts: 290 Member
    So impressed! Congratulations on your huge accomplishment and your good health!
  • lisabinco
    lisabinco Posts: 1,016 Member
    It was the spring of 2012, when I visit Dr. Taye in Selma, California. ... We talked about my weight, my swollen legs, the repeated blood clots and my increasing blood sugar levels; but she never 'pushed me' to do anything. ... Today, I went back to see Dr. Taye for the first time in many months ... Her former patient was no longer the woman she remembered. ... She made the remark, "I wish more of my patients would take responsibility for changing their lives like you have done." ... I am down to my daily vitamins. Hallelujah!
    Wonderful story!! Thanks for sharing. You are awesome!

    I too had a similar experience: In 2010 I was 60 pounds overweight, pre-diabetic, on blood pressure meds I hated, feeling terrible and recovering from pneumonia and knee surgery (to remove a cyst) -- bad year all around. Not one of my 3 doctors said a word about weight or diet or what I could do to "fix" my maladies. One doctor said she would give out advice more often if she thought her patients would actually abide by it. Well, I'd had enough of being sick so in early 2011 I started my journey. Today I am 10 lbs from goal weight, with normal blood pressure, happier knees, and I take no medication whatsoever. I love it! My last doctor said I was the first patient to actually do what I said I was going to do. (I recently switched to a doctor who is trim and fit instead of my last doctor who looked like a heart attack waiting to happen!)
  • chani8
    chani8 Posts: 946 Member
    I've read a few of your blogs and now this and I just have to say, you are awesome!!! I'm so happy for you and wish you good news on the new knees!!
  • ranchmimi
    ranchmimi Posts: 126 Member
    I too have been reading your blogs and wondering lately what was going on with you! So delighted to hear your good news! Nothing better (almost) than putting a smile on your doctor's face! What' s better is the smile n your own face! I know how much better you feel - and now that you can get that knee replaced you'll be good as new! I have lost 38# to this point and have more energy than I have had for years! And at 76 no less! I was out hauling fireplace wood yesterday! And that was with 2 hip replacements and a knee too! Great work on your part- and good luck at the doctor's visit!
  • carolemorden9
    carolemorden9 Posts: 284 Member
    Congratulations on all the hard work you've done! You've come a long way, and I bet those new knees will help you even more! Getting off those medications is a great accomplishment!
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