Getting Back On Track

Where do I begin with the whirlwind of a year that led me to gain over 40 pounds!!!! Just typing that number makes my stomach turn. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer just after my 24th birthday last year, and ever since then I have been stuck in a thunderstorm. I have decided that enough is enough and I'm going to get healthy again. I was down to 160 before all this happened and would like to get there again. I just can't seem to get myself off the couch and away from the chocolate bars :( I'm coming back to MFP for support and encouragement from my fellow "life changers" in the world. Looking for friends that I can help support and would do the same for me!!


  • JustMeee333
    Good luck :flowerforyou:
    Cut yourself some slack after all you've been through, at least you have decided to do something about it! :bigsmile:
  • toridehaven
    Although I have a lot more weight to lose than you do I would love to offer my support. Whether it be 10 pounds or 100, it's not easy and we all need encouragement. I am sorry for your recent thunderstorm; but after every storm the sun does eventually come out! :flowerforyou:
  • carolemorden9
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    I'm sorry to hear that you were diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. I hope treatment is going well for you. I'll send you an invite to be friends. I'm on every day. I have Type 2 Diabetes, and decided that enough was enough and I needed to lose weight. My sister-in-law also gave me the push I needed when she had me join her for a Zumba class one day back in February and told me about this site. I've been here ever since. I support the people I have on here too and like their feed back as well.
  • Hungry_Annie
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    I will send a request :). I too have thyroid problems. It isn't thyroid cancer, but I have Hashimoto's. It can be quite frustrating. I don't care what anyone says, thyroid wreaks havoc on weight. I have gained about 15 pounds since summer, so I can relate with you on the quick weight gain too.
  • karenebayer
    karenebayer Posts: 1 Member
    Welcome back and keep hanging in there. Focus on one day and the next will take care of itself.