The Mt. Banner Challenge

When I was littler my family lived for a time at Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort (Mammoth Lakes, CA). Not far away stand the jagged peaks of the Minaret Range and towering 12,950 ft. above Thousand Island Lake is Mt. Banner. Second only to the 13,157 ft. Ritter in the range and a tad more climbable. Picture:

Which leads me to the challenge for me: next summer, weighing 60+ lbs less than now, I am going to climb it. Set up camp at Thousand Island Lake and summit. It will not only take weight loss but conditioning. It's a challenge since it ascends over 3100 ft from Thousand Island Lake... not to mention the conditioning needed to exercise at elevations of 9000+ ft.

So that's my challenge.

Here's yours: pick your own Mt. Banner. It could be a mountain. It could be a run. Set a picture on your desktop to remind you of where you want to go. Set a picture on your smart phone so that it looks at you when you go out to buy a burger so that it reminds you that the burger is really f*ing heavy to climb a mountain with.

So lets shout it out and keep reminding each other of these goals. It's really hard to change ourselves by ourselves. Food tastes pretty daggone good. But we can do it. We *will* do it. Ok Im out.


  • Excellent goal, I wish you the best of luck. My own Mt. Banner Challenge is to run the Cross du Mont Blanc in the Alps next June. I have signed up for it and have to lose 40 lbs. I have started training and dieting and so far so good. Best of luck, Shaun
  • MyJourney1960
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    excellent challenge!

    I have two:
    one is to go hiking with my son near the Dead Sea. we've done hikes there when he was younger but in the past... oh too many years :blushing: I've not been able to complete a real hike. so i'd like to do that.

    two is to do my first 5K, planning to run in a race in March and already started to train for it using c25k and also doing a lot of walking and some at home strength (kickboxing, JM, etc).