Thanksgiving weight gain



  • twixlepennie
    twixlepennie Posts: 1,074 Member
    My weight was stuck for several months, I lost 4 pounds last week. I was expecting a pound or two gain from yesterday because I ate too much and nope. Down another pound. Strange, strange body.

  • I weighed myself when I got home and had gained 2lbs boo! But weighed this morning pure curiosity and hadn't "gained" anything, did my normal workout routine + a little extra just in case ;)!
  • i dreaded getting on the scale this morning, but happily I was down 2 lbs.
  • westendcurls
    westendcurls Posts: 252 Member
    Im up 3lbs lol. ooohhh the wine, cheese, cheese dip, crackers, summer sausage, stuffed mushrooms, mini sweet potato pies. I was stuffed before we even got to the Turkey not to mention the 3 pies.
  • emAZn
    emAZn Posts: 413 Member
    6 lbs ... lol in one day :) I WIN!
  • Well I'm not going to weigh in until Sunday. I was off track before the holiday. Going back to the gym today, I will set some new goals over the weekend.
  • Ely82010
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    Down one lb from the beginning of the week. I am not surprised, I have company and small children so I have been awfully busy and tired, and my stomach doesn't feel very good so I haven't been eating much (I don't want to puke). I had 1390 calories yesterday, only 10 calories over my maintenance goal, but we are still celebrating today with the rest of the family.

    Everything will be back to normal next week, including my weight. Once I get back to the gym my muscles will pump with water and the scale will go up.
  • aubyshortcake
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    Up 4 Lbs, Mostly Water Lol
  • ohheyyitsrenee
    ohheyyitsrenee Posts: 111 Member
    up three pounds but i didn't actually eat any bad foods at all, mostly fruits and veggies but i had a lot more then normal, like we're talking so much fruit to the point where i felt sick! plus i had a late night snack of ham which has lots of sodium! its also my TOM so i'll give it a few days to let my body deflate and i'll be back on track, had a nice workout today too and plan on working out a little harder the rest of the weekend. didn't feel guilty at all after last night (:
  • Sashoi
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    Weighed in this morning no gain I had a loss of 1.2lbs. I had a 2 hour workout yesterday before I finished cooking. I ate good had desert with plenty of calories left.
  • hannah_ryann
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    Didn't weigh. My scale is at my apartment and I'm at my parents' for the holiday weekend. I don't like inconsistencies so I'll be weighing on my own scale Sunday.
  • dancinrascal
    dancinrascal Posts: 204 Member
    2.4 even though I in no way felt stuffed....its also t.o.m so I'm sure that contributed
  • TravelDog14
    TravelDog14 Posts: 317 Member
    2.4 pound gain, went from 147.2 up to 149.6.

    TBH I was bracing for a bigger gain than that.

    My guess is tomorrow's weigh in will show a drop of at least a pound so I'm not stressed over it.
  • Bobbie8786
    Bobbie8786 Posts: 202 Member
    2 pounds. I am telling myself it's water.
  • Daniloveshockey94
    Daniloveshockey94 Posts: 348 Member
    I was 125.2 yesterday!
    Today 126.8!
  • DoingitWell
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    I did drink a lot of water yesterday but that's because old people keep their house hot.

    Old people DO keep their houses hot! My grandma's thermostat was set at 76! I don't put mine above 66. I know that's off topic, but I felt like I had to agree with this.

    LOL The children stopped running around and were laying on the couch about to pass out.
  • JustYandy
    JustYandy Posts: 221 Member
    I lost a pound and a inch off my waist weird ha and thanksgiving day I ate 2200 calories:happy:
  • MSeel1984
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    So who weighed in this morning, and how much did you gain??

    I am up nearly a pound (.8 to be exact) but expect a full pound drop by Sunday.

    I don't weigh in as much anymore. I go for NSV's...I'm at the point where my jeans need to be washed in order to fit (shrink to fit), I'm achieving a gap between my thighs, my clothes are fitting bigger, I'm able to run longer distances...

    I allow myself to indulge during the holidays and change my goal to maintain instead of lose...continue exercising, eat healthy most of the time...I don't want to stress myself even more than I already am at the holidays.
  • gracielynn1011
    gracielynn1011 Posts: 726 Member
    Have no idea. Haven't weighed. But even if I did, I know I didn't gain fat, would be bloating and water weight.

    I'm feeling good about it because I bought myself a sweater dress and leggings that I looked great in while trying it on this morning. That doesn't happen every day.
  • Didn't gain any poundage but bloated super bad. I started the day with a 6 pack (flexed) and finished with only 2 left lol