What's on YOUR weekly shopping list?

What foods do you all buy? I'm tired of eating the same foods and am looking for new meals to prepare. What healthy items do you buy or recommend?


  • dealer37
    I'm going to follow this... Also need to find new foods.
  • jennegan1
    jennegan1 Posts: 677 Member
    What do you like or dont like? Tonight I made a very unhealthy meal but I make it once every 3 months since its really bad in cals and fat
  • janer4jc
    janer4jc Posts: 238 Member
    Tuna, yogurt, eggs, almond milk, lactose-free milk, apples, bananas, oatmeal, chicken, black beans, almonds, spinach, feta, bacon bits, salad in a bag.
  • ImtheOnethatsCool
    ImtheOnethatsCool Posts: 212 Member
    milk is the first thing on my list. every time. I like milk. and lattes.
  • swoodco
    swoodco Posts: 14 Member
    Tuna, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, milk, liquid eggs, fiber one cereal and english muffins. Also shredded cabbage and Trader Joe's Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette.
  • AshCash803
    What brand of Greek yogurt? I tried Chobani and it was disgusting.
  • laursoar
    laursoar Posts: 131 Member
    I always have in my cabinets or fridge: oatmeal, 2% milk string cheese, Libby's pure pumpkin puree, spinach, unsweetened coconut milk, broccoli slaw, eggs, fish/chicken/deli turkey/meat of the week, PB2, some sort of Back to Nature snack, ultra thin Sargento provolone cheese, broccoli, and whole wheat bread. I bake a low calorie baked good for myself every week too to use daily as a snack, so having all the baking essentials is really important to me.
  • fruttibiscotti
    fruttibiscotti Posts: 986 Member
    I buy the following on a repetitive basis, quantity varies depending what's left as inventory in cupboard or fridge:

    Ribeye, bacon, pork chops, lamb rack, ground beef, whole chicken, eggs, cream, butter, organic frozen vegetables (asparagus, kale, spinach, broccoli, rapini, cauliflower, etc), cabbage, organic canned tomatoes, Lindt dark chocolate, 10% fat Greek yogurt, creme fraiche, raw nuts (macadamia, Brazil, almonds, walnuts), cheese (grass fed high quality from Europe, like kerrygold, parmigiano reggiano, Comte, etc), wild caught fish and seafood (salmon, scallops, oysters, halibut), tuna in cans, cold cuts (salami, prosciutto, mortadella), coffee beans for espresso, earl grey tea, chamomile tea, extra virgin olive oil, organic fresh herbs (parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme, bay), fresh garlic, shallots, leeks, celery, carrots, and lastly....a nice bottle of red wine.
  • AshCash803
    Thanks, guys! These lists and ideas are fantastic!
  • Cortneyrenee04
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    What brand of Greek yogurt? I tried Chobani and it was disgusting.

    You should try Fage Greek yogurt! Chobani is gross!!!
  • Shuuma
    Shuuma Posts: 465 Member
    My favorite weekly buy is Oikos Greek yogurt. It's amazing tasting and only a $1 a container at Wal-Mart. (Apple Pie flavor is amazing!)

    Right now I'm heavy on proteins and I don't eat red meat (I can't physically digest it! weird me!) so I get a lot of turkey and chicken. A bag of frozen Tilapia filets is on my list for next week. You can put them frozen in the pan and have a hot fish filet a few minutes later.

    I eat Special K vanilla almond cereal, Special K popcorn chips and baked chips, and Special K strawberry protein bars for a quick breakfast on the run. Bananas, almonds, carrot chips, and egg beaters.

    Also, I buy two-cup containers to store turkey chili and soups in the freezer for a quick lunch. Snack size Ziplock bags for making up snacks to take to work.
  • Stephanie198907
    Stephanie198907 Posts: 163 Member
    Medjool Dates
    Sweet Potatoes
    Black Beans
    Roasting Vegetables - Broccoli, Okra, etc
    Tangerines (Cuties)
    personal watermelons
  • Malaylah
    Light cool whip (I freeze it and eat it instead of icecream), no sugar added smuckers caramel sauce, bridgford teriyaki beef jerky (amazing once you get past the fact that it looks like a dog treat lol), low fat cheese, salsa or bruschetta mix, greek yogurt dill dip, plantains, leeks, grace soup mixes, 6 bean blend in a can, diced tomatoes, carrots, budding honey ham (90 cal for the whole pack with 10g or protein) and popping corn for my air popper are my main things.
  • EMTFreakGirl
    EMTFreakGirl Posts: 597 Member
    Not a meal, but my new treat that totally helps me stay on track is Dole Dark Chocolate Strawberry Dippers. (They have bananas, too, but I am highly allergic.) They are an awesome nightly decadence. So Yummy!
    Other "staples" are MSF Grillers Prime, Chicken, Nappa Cabbage, Grape tomatoes, Dannon Light and Fit Greek yogurt, SF Jello and seltzer water. :bigsmile:
  • JonKragh
    JonKragh Posts: 28 Member
    Just picked this stuff up in bulk at Costco:

    Eggs, Egg Whites, Canadian Bacon, Fresh Broccoli Florets, Coffee, Walnuts, Almonds, Organic Kale, Char, Baby Spinach, a Premade Braised Kale Dish, Avocados, Poland Springs 1.5 liters, Peppers, Plain Greek Yogurt, Chicken Breast, and Canned Pumpkin (used for various desserts)

    Good stuff!
  • pinkraynedropjacki
    pinkraynedropjacki Posts: 3,027 Member
    Mixed vegetables (carrot, beans, cauliflower & broccoli)

    Chobani 0% fat greek yoghurt (for my sour cream alternative)
    Chicken thighs
    Shredded tasty cheese
    Cayenne pepper
    Coconut oil

    Before dinner & after dinner:
    Chobani 2% fast lemon/passion fruit/apricot greek yoghurt (my ice cream alternative & so much healthier)
    Pane Di Casa olive loaf (my work makes this so it's free for me & I'll eat one loaf a day)

    Depending on if I'm going out or if I feel like a change:
    Chilli tuna sushi

    But then I buy daily... so daily is the chobani plain, chobani flavored (I buy 6 a day& eat them all), olive loaf (free so I need just pop into work on my way to shopping) chicken (had that daily since feb 8th 2012)
  • thundrks
    thundrks Posts: 43 Member
    *spaghetti squash (cut in half, scoop out seeds, 8 mins in microwave, then add the goat cheese and dressing below..YUM)
    *soft goat cheese
    *Annie's all natural lite gingerly dressing
    *Brussels sprouts (coat in olive oil and sea salt (a bunch, like french fries), oven 400 degrees for an hour, shake pan every 10 min) - they will look totally burned, but are the best!! only way I will eat 'em.
    *frozen cod filets (just add some blackening seasoning and right in the oven from frozen 25 mins)
    *Fage Greek yogurt is BY FAR the best I've had, 0% plain as a sub for sour cream or mayo in most recipes .. for breakfast the Fage w/ honey is out of this world
    *Wholly Guacamole spicy 100 cal packs w/ baby carrots or tortilla chips (I like the Garden of Eatin' red hot blue corn)
    *string cheese, mozzarella is 80 cals and 8g protein
    *all natural, uncured, turkey breast slices..i like the Hormel cracked pepper
    * clementine oranges
    *dove dark chocolate squares
    *100 calorie sandwich rounds
    *ultra-thin sliced cheese (40 cals/slice)
    *bananas w/ PB
    *celery (ants on a log)
  • ProgressNotPerfection32
    Natural peanut butter
    Lunch meat
    Swiss or provolone cheese
    Frozen broccoli or Normandy blend
    Frozen chicken breast
    Shredded fiesta blend cheese
    String cheese
    Low carb yogurt
  • feelin_gr_8
    feelin_gr_8 Posts: 308 Member
    Today's 30 minute "speed shopping" on a tight schedule: spaghetti squash, ground turkey, part skim ricotta, part skim mozzerella (add pasta sauce which we have at home and you have spaghetti squash lasagna-a new favorite of mine-so filling and tasty! And good calorie-wise)....also portabella mushrooms (use the caps as mini pizza crusts), broccoli... Would have gotten yogurt but the store I was at doesn't have the kind I like.
  • Vex3521
    Vex3521 Posts: 385 Member
    Spinach, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, onions, bell pepper, lettuce/salad mixes, celery
    ground chicken/turkey
    turkey sausage
    cheddar cheese, 2% string cheese,
    water (our tap water is nasty even with a filter)
    chicken breasts

    Always on the list! Usually end up with some fashion of spice rack item or condiment like bbq sauce or olive oil in there as well. Fruit depends on season more so now it's more the apple, banana, orange range vs summer where there's a lot of melon.