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Who DOES NOT crave sweets and prefers salty stuff?



  • Patzycakes
    Patzycakes Posts: 175 Member
    Salty tasty foods are my weakness. I do love sweets (pastries ect) but I don't miss them. Fries, chips, popcorn, extra salt on everything... those are my weaknesses. It's embarssing what I can do to a package of Ritz crackers.
  • anlu37
    anlu37 Posts: 100 Member
    I totally crave both...sometimes together. Salted caramel? YES! French fries and ice cream? YES!
  • JenAndSome
    JenAndSome Posts: 1,893 Member
    I do not like sweets at all. Everyone looks at me like I'm a freak when I tell them I don't like chocolate. It really doesn't bother me, though. I do think it is a bit of an advantage to not be tempted by cookies, cake and candy, but that bag of potato chips that's teasing me from my pantry isn't much better.
  • BarbieAS
    BarbieAS Posts: 1,414 Member

    I mean, I like sweets. Sometimes (like, in the afternoon at work), I MUST have something sweet (that's not fruit)...but in those cases like 1 or 2 Starbursts or Twizzlers or a few pieces of candy corn will more than do the trick. I do have a weakness for muffins, but they're like the least sweet of the "sweets" category. I can stop halfway through a scoop of ice cream and easily turn down dessert at a restaurant. I don't even like chocolate.

    I'm definitely a salty/savory person. About half the time I'll go for pretzels or bread (TRYING to stay away from wheat right now, though, simply because it's a major trigger food for me and I'm just trying the "can't have ANY" approach over the "anything in moderation" approach, which hasn't worked for me at all so far), preferably with a dip or spread, and the other half I'm looking for cheese, leftover chicken, etc.

    I don't feel like I have any advantage at all...though, I guess if I was slamming back cookies maybe by the time I was satisfied I'd have eaten more calories than packing away crackers. I don't really know, I've never really done that - I'm fat, don't mistake me, but I didn't get fat on cookies and cake.
  • LH85DC
    LH85DC Posts: 231 Member
    Me! I enjoy sweets, but I don't crave them. Salty foods on the other hand... I can't keep chex mix in the house, it's like my kryptonite. Sweet potato chips are my favorite. Luckily I don't have any trouble finding room in my calories and macros to fit in both sweet and salty!
  • BarbieAS
    BarbieAS Posts: 1,414 Member
    I could also goes months with out candy bars or ice cream, but if I have it in my house I normally cant keep myself away. I do however have a huge issue with chips and salsa. I could seriously eat an entire bag of chips and salsa in one sitting.

    Does anyone have an idea of somethig I can eat with salsa other than tortilla chips?

    I just bought a bag of Beanitos at Whole Foods...they're like tortilla chips but made with black beans instead of corn (not even just a mix, straight up beans). You're not saving calories (still 140 for a 12 chip serving), but they're a slightly better nutrition profile (in that 140 calories you get 4g of protein and 5g of fiber along with 7g of fat), so maybe they'd be more satisfying and fit into your macros better, if you were dying for a chip?
  • ki4yxo
    ki4yxo Posts: 709 Member
    I was huge on my sodium intake until I started using MFP.
    Canned soups, pickles, jars of salsa, you name it. Now
    I'm off of 2 blood pressure meds since I've cut back! :wink:
  • JulieAnn72
    JulieAnn72 Posts: 795 Member
    I don't crave sweets. I go to birthday parties and pass on the cake, but eat too much pizza, chips, pretzels, or whatever other food they serve. I don't think it makes it easier because I feel like the salty, cheesy snacks I prefer are more readily available.
  • raestanke
    raestanke Posts: 31 Member
    My favorite healthy food with salsa is cottage cheese! It is so healthy and it tastes delicious!!!
  • swhiteism
    swhiteism Posts: 71 Member
    Never been a huge fan of sweets. I do like chocolate every now and then, but I can live without it. Whenever I see glazed donuts in the break room, I can't help but think..."ew!". All that sickly sweet sugar would make me want to throw up. My weakness is fried foods, like chicken strips and french fries.
  • cwatts0
    cwatts0 Posts: 51 Member
    I too can pass on the sweets with ease .. but not that chip bowl.
  • ImtheOnethatsCool
    ImtheOnethatsCool Posts: 212 Member
    I like sweets now and then, but I much prefer salty/savory foods. Chips are a weakness.
  • SlytherinBat
    SlytherinBat Posts: 53 Member
    I never crave sweets. I can't stand the aftertaste on my tongue. Savory on the other hand:love:
  • SheridanLT
    SheridanLT Posts: 47 Member
    Options the salt!! Big plate of salty fries or onion rings.

  • BeachIron
    BeachIron Posts: 6,490 Member
    I've never craved sweets. I like them but not as much as I like fats and salt. And, of course, beer, but the bitter IPAs are my favorite. Oh, and good smokey whiskey. So . . . crusty and rare prime rib, with salty fries or hash browns, and a Scotch for dessert? Yes please. Not saying I don't enjoy my ice cream though.
  • jigsaw_me
    jigsaw_me Posts: 616 Member
    Cheese ... I can pass up everything else (well apart from the red wine), but you put cheese in front of me and it becomes a real battle.

    Two weeks ago I went to a school reunion and I was very proud of myself, I allowed myself 1 small piece of cheese on a cracker and then resisted all of the other delicious cheeses (even my favourites). So it can be done!
  • mteague277
    mteague277 Posts: 145 Member
    My to-go naughty foods are french fries or potato chips! I do like the occasional sweet but actually prefer fruit or dark chocolate. I don't really like cakes, cookies, etc. I'm definitely a salty foods person!
  • nytrifisoul
    nytrifisoul Posts: 500 Member
    I prefer salty. But I have a weakness for sweet & salty cinnamon mixed nuts. I will seriously down an entire jar in one sitting (1100 cal)...ouch
  • Slrajr
    Slrajr Posts: 438 Member
    I don't have a sweet tooth:)
    But put a bag of potato chips or a plate of french fries in my house and they just won't survive.
  • celtbell3
    celtbell3 Posts: 738 Member
    I love chocolate but other sweets not so much...not a big fan of salty stuff either but I do love salted nuts.