sometimes I just want to give up! Anyone feeling the same?



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    Moderation, moderation, moderation. I am far from an expert but I find learning new ways to cook things is great. Why not have a non-fat sugar free frappucino once in a while? I make pizza at home all the time, sometimes with a whole grain crust, sometimes with a cauliflower crust. I top it with low fat cheese, turkey pepperoni and lots of veges. It is fun for the family too. I have kids and they love making their own pizzas and putting whatever toppings they want on them. I only buy the healthier options so it teaches them to eat healthy art the same time. I have discovered tons of burger recipes that are healthy. Last night my family had sliders for dinner. I used multi-grain rolls and they topped them as they wanted. The kids had barbecue sliders, I had buffalo sliders. Totally delicious and under my calories for the day. Don't be afraid to get creative.
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    I already lost almost 36lbs and 5lbs to go til I maintain. but sometimes I want to just give in to temptations and just eat anything! Like I really missed drinking frapuccino, eat pizza, burgers without limit! But I know I can't and so I don't and it saddens me. :(


    and now and then i give in - i'll have the ice cream or snickers bars, or i'll have some extra food that isn't in my budget. but you know what? those days are becoming further and further apart and i find that i get fuller faster - so even if i go over, it's nowhere near where i used to be.

    the bottom line is that we have to get real and get mature about this if we want it to work. sure, it's fun to eat unlimitless amounts of junk food, piza and ice cream, but we know what it does to us. and it's not really worth it...
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    Not at all ...... that's what got me fat in the first place .....
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    Oh, and the looks you get from others around you when you order and eat it are priceless. You can see the envy in their eyes because you are eating what you are eating, and look the way that you do. They don't know the work you are doing to get that way. Just savor the moment. It's as good as the burger itself.
  • Yep, but I have decided to make a lifestyle choice. I don't go without anything I just have less of it. I also exercise - if I don't feel like running I walk. The burn is still logged. Stick with it.
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    Sure, we all feel like that at times...but Ive found that one of the keys to success is to keep going no matterhow you feel. Sure, you change the plan and make adjustments along the way, but just don't give up.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions and motivation guys! Right, I don't want to see myself big again, I know its hard but I guess I need to push through this journey and I know it'll have a good payoff.
  • Yeah I feel the same way. I'm new at MFP and this is my first time trying to lose weight. I'm struggling a bit so if anyone has any tips it would be great.
  • I find the fast days very easy to do and I am strict with myself. Like you, I enjoy them. I think I have a bit of a problem with the feast days. I tend to have too many treats. That's why I am doing this MFP so that I can keep track of calories on those days. I haven't lost anything yet after 3 weeks but I haven't gained either. This time of year is difficult as your subconscious is being hit with sayings like " it's Christmas time you deserve a treat" and I am a sucker for fruit mince pies......