It's official - I'm too skinny for my boobs...



  • birdiecs
    birdiecs Posts: 237 Member
    I'm a 28GG, Try Amazon, Ebay, Brastop, Lovebras. D cup bras aren't hard to find at all.
  • AnneU93
    AnneU93 Posts: 114 Member
    Welcome to the group! :drinker: I wear a EU size 65D, which is a US size 30C and a UK size 30D -> Which is just impossible, so a take very good care of my bras because I only find bras in that size that I am able to pay for being a student like once or twice a year and I won't pay for a bra I think is ugly even if it is the first bra I have found in my size for a long time! :wink:
  • wswilliams67
    wswilliams67 Posts: 938 Member
    I'm sure that I can speak for all us hetero guys when I say we will proudly stand behind you and support this issue... with both hands! :glasses:
  • I'm a 32F lol at bra fitter said she thinks I will probably be a 30 band if I get to my goal as I still have back fat to lose. 36D should not be hard to find at all. Have you tried bra boutiques? Stores that sell only lingerie? They will often carry up bands from 28-48 and cups from A-JJ, at least the ones here do. And there is always online.
  • estherlion
    estherlion Posts: 86 Member
    I am the same size as you and bought the Genie bra. I love it! It is so supportive and comfy, no wires. I was skeptical at first being an infomercial. I got size large and am a 36 to 38 D. I wear two when running or jumping and i get really good lift:)
  • MsDrJuris
    MsDrJuris Posts: 41
    Depending on the bra, I'm either a 30DD-32DD. I actually find a lot of my favorite bras at TJ Maxx! (My favorite is the Calvin Klein with the thicker straps and a tiny bit of boost at the bottom of the cup.)
  • I_Will_End_You
    I_Will_End_You Posts: 4,397 Member
    Victoria's Secret? Horrible place. Cute bras but just not cool for us women with a small band size and a large cup size.

    VS has the worst bras ever. In my opinion, they're on par with a bra you'd buy at Walmart. Seriously. I don't even know how they are in business. It's like people buy bras there JUST because it's Victoria's Secret. They have models with huge boobs, and don't even carry large sizes. (nothing over a DD, I don't believe, and no band sizes smaller than 32) Not to mention the people who work their have no idea how to measure.
  • Ely82010
    Ely82010 Posts: 1,998 Member
    I'm a 34D. It's not that unusual a size.

    me too!

    wonder twin powers, activate!

    Try finding a 32 DD!!! Very, very difficult to find, except when shopping at Macy's, and expensive.
  • peacemongernc
    peacemongernc Posts: 253 Member
    I'm now a 36DD and I can't find bras easily. It isn't that I don't SEE bras that say they are a 36DD on the rack... although there seem to be fewer of those than other sizes. But there seem to be two types of 36DDs. There are the ones that are 36Bs, cut larger, for a 36DD, but still have skinny straps, two little hooks and unsupportive cups. Then there are the 46Ds, cut down (which I prefer to the flimsy variety) but the cups come almost up to my neck!

    I used to buy all of my bras at Lane Bryant and many of their styles are very supportive but not full coverage. I guess I just need to find out who makes supportive bras in smaller sizes. I've been told to try the Soma store, but I haven't been there yet.

    I keep hoping I'll drop to a D cup, because those seem much easier to find.
  • peacemongernc
    peacemongernc Posts: 253 Member
    I'm a 28GG, Try Amazon, Ebay, Brastop, Lovebras. D cup bras aren't hard to find at all.

    That's the same size my best friend wears! She worked as a bra fitter at Belk for a while and still had a hard time finding bras to fit! That is a crazy size!
  • ladyvballcomet
    ladyvballcomet Posts: 9 Member
    I'm a 34H so I know the feeling of it being hard to find bras. I got fitted at a specialty store called Intimacy and I think they're great. They also offer bra alterations which is great. I bought a strapless bra from them that didn't come in a 34 so they ordered me the 36 and altered it to be a 34. Fits great and they alteration was free since I bought the bra from them! At $60-$120 a pop for a bra I'd much rather spend $10 for them to decrease band size than start all over as I lose the weight.
  • codycsweet
    codycsweet Posts: 1,019 Member
    Try Lane Bryant they have a wide variety of bras wish I knew about them when I was a teen and in my 20's. I have always had a big bust. Hoping to get rid of some with weight loss
  • aimeemanninghunter
    aimeemanninghunter Posts: 85 Member
    Lane Bryant for those in the states! I am a 42 H and they have great sales if you watch and you can get nice looking bras. THey also do smaller cup sizes and smaller band size. You can shop online as well. The bras last too.
  • my boobs shrunk bigtime! since i lost all my weight i was a 36C now i have to order 32B becuase there is space in the cups i find the band a little loose sometimes depending on the brand i am currently wearing 32C and 30C would tighten things up abit and the cups will be filled so im thinking of trying both 30C & 32B as my band size measures 31 and it recommends you to try both band sizes if you fall between the two so imma do that!
  • rachellosesitall85
    rachellosesitall85 Posts: 497 Member
    It's bound to happen to me as well. Large breasts run in my family. My mother was a bean pole with DDD's so I'm positive I'll be just as well. I think I'll just be excited to wear Victoria Secret bras for once in my life.
  • kristen2713
    kristen2713 Posts: 253 Member
    Congrats on the weight loss!!!! I can relate quite a bit as I was once a 42DDD starting out....I had a funeral for my boobs about 2 months ago now :sad: I still miss them....I hope yours decide to stick around and you're able to find new bras at whatever cost it may be!!!!
  • adorable_aly
    adorable_aly Posts: 398 Member
    I'm so jealous :sad: I have like no boobs. First world problems y'all.
  • Slatzuk
    Slatzuk Posts: 80 Member
    This thread is hopeless without pictures. :-)
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