5'5 down almost 40lbs!



  • WendyLynn1406
    WendyLynn1406 Posts: 23 Member
    You look great congrats. I'm truly sorry for your loss as a mother of a 6,3,&1 yr old I couldn't begin to imagine the heartache you have gone through.

    Thank you, It was truly the definition of heartbreak. Thankfully I had my 3 year old daughter at the time.. and we actually found out 2 weeks after she passed that we were pregnant again!.. My babies definitely helped me through this!
  • First of all, my deepest condolences on the loss of your daughter. I cannot even begin to fathom that kind of pain. You look amazing! I'm also 5'5" and have crossed the 40 lb loss mark. You are an inspiration! Be well...
  • gwenlindsay
    gwenlindsay Posts: 76 Member
    Congratulations, You are beatiful.
  • M22KY
    M22KY Posts: 60 Member
    How lovely! Keep going!! :happy:
  • jamiem1102
    jamiem1102 Posts: 1,196 Member
    Awesome! You look fantastic!
  • zebszee
    zebszee Posts: 31 Member
    You must be feeling so good.......keep on g:smile: oing
  • starrylioness
    starrylioness Posts: 543 Member
    You look AMAZING!
  • law110
    law110 Posts: 43
    I'm finally learning and totally agree that weight loss "is not a one size fits all thing." Excellent work! You look beautiful!
  • WendyLynn1406
    WendyLynn1406 Posts: 23 Member
    Thank so much everyone for the kind words!!!
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