How much do you tip the grocery baggers?



  • Hey I was one!!!! (1989) :) keep those tip coming
  • Nice
    Same way I tip my waitress...

    ...never over 45 degrees.

    (I'll be here all week. Shows nightly, two shows on Saturday.)
  • CharlzO
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    I do think it would go without saying that it should really only apply if they did the bagging very nicely according to the common sense rules, and then also carry / deliver all the bags to the car and load them for someone. Older people, or inclement weather I can see someone wanting them to do so. I take care of it myself, so I've never tipped one myself.
  • :)

    I am a good restaurant tipper but I have never heard of tipping for groceries…

    I have yet to have a properly bagged grocery trip… My uncle has been in the grocery business for 35 years or so and he explained to me the proper way and I have yet to see it done right… Maybe if it was done right at least once I would tip… Until then I am holding on to my dollar.
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    Apparantly this is the OP.

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    The only place I have ever shopped at that has baggers is the Commissary (military base), I grew up a army brat. They work for tips only so they get a $5 tip.
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    Apparantly this is the OP.

    tumblr_lox02eaI2C1r0wgiuo1_400.gif people don't have to ask questions like this.