Low carb for PCOS?

I started low carb b/c i have pcos. Does anyone know ANYTHING about this kind of eating change ?!?! i.e. What foods keep you full, which are the healthest, etc... I'm kind of following an Atkins-type plan.


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    I have PCOS also and have been avoiding carbs!!! I'd recommend avoiding all flour and sugar! I would stick to wheat if you need to eat pasta, bread or such! I avoid pasta and bread all together and if I want something I do a low carb high fiber wrap (check out my food diary if you'd like). I would also avoid all real and fake sugar (you know that sweet in low and splenda stuff) it is really really bad for PCOS. I love Crystal Light bust since they use sweeteners it is really bad for me! I hope this helps a bit, I would also check out any diets from people who are insulin resistant and stick with foods that are gluten free!
  • sazquatch
    Hi Amber,

    I have PCOS too. I bought this book, http://www.amazon.co.uk/PCOS-Diet-Book-nutritional-polycystic/dp/0007131844
    It gave me so much information and loads of tips, I love it, its like my food bible.
    I lost loads of weight the first time I followed it, but I put it all back on again when I went on the pill so I am trying myfitnesspal too.
    Its hard to lose weight with PCOS, but I've done it before so I am going to do it again.

    Good luck! :)
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    I recently started doing no breads, wheat or sugar. I eat a lot of raw almonds, mixed veggies(even for breakfast) I found that squash has a nice natural sweetness to it so I eat more of that. Also Bell pepper sliced up with hummus or Guacamole is really good. Hope this helps :)
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    I started low carb b/c i have pcos. Does anyone know ANYTHING about this kind of eating change ?!?! i.e. What foods keep you full, which are the healthest, etc...

    I found when I did low carb [below 20g/day] the protein and fat naturally kept me full. It was really the only time I was NEVER hungry! Contemplating doing that again....I go back & forth with that. For me it's hard to stick with because I'm such a carb-addict but I think I may modify a plan so that I can still eat fruit [LOVE fruit] and my morning bagel.
  • jannam22
    I have been living with PCOS for about 10 years. The PCOS diet is very similar to a diabetic diet. There are many resources ont he web for diabetic nutrition, so I find that easier to follow.

    The best thing to eat are low glycemic vegetables. These are generally green veggies, but you can find resources on the web that rank foods on their glycemic values. Basically, try to limit your intake of simple carbs (potatoes, bread, etc.) Complex carbs are okay.

    Good luck to you!
  • Lupanara
    PCOS causes insulin resistance similar to diabetes. My sister has PCOS, my Dad is diabetic, I ended up with the diabetes, but my sister, Dad, and I all take the same medication. When you go shopping, look at the nutrition label. One serving of carbohydrates is 15 grams. A normal meal should consist of 2-3 servings of carbs and a snack should have 1-2 servings of carbs. (Oh yeah, weight watchers points system is based on servings of carbs)

    The other thing to look at is fiber. Fiber can help reduce your blood sugar from spiking. You can subtract half the total fiber from the carb total. For example, if something has 22 total carbs and 10 fiber, it counts as 17 carbs.

    The less processed food is, the better. Whole wheat and oats are really good for you. So are fruits and vegetables. Basically eating healthy.

    I could go on and on, but I suggest you check out some diabetic recipes. It will help you out. Good Luck!
  • TheNewJessieMae
    Check out MarksDailyApple.com

    I do not have this issue BUT i do follow the primal blueprint and it's amazing!!!
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    I have PCOS and I've had a lot of success on the G.I. Diet, it's low G.I. and low calorie, lots of fruits and veggies and only whole grain bread with a min of 3 grams of fiber a slice and only whole wheat pasta. Good luck! :bigsmile:
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    If you have this condition then I would strongly recommend that you research and read what you need to do. A higher protein diet is going to naturally keep you full and without cravings for sweets.
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    Thanks a lot everyone!
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    I have PCOS, I am at 1530 cals a day, it logged me to have 210 carbs, but I put myself not to eat more than 100 carbs a day. I have been doing real well and not passing 85. I am trying my best to stay on task.....