Low Carber looking for new friends

Hello! I have been on My Fitness Pal for over a year now, just looking for some new weight loss buddies. Lately I have been eating pretty low carb, its just seems to work for me. Anyways if you need motivation and support I am on here daily :)


  • katekross
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    I'm trying low carb too. Feel free to add me :)
  • JenniTheVeggie
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    I do LOWER carb. Feel free to add me.
  • LeahMaria26
    LeahMaria26 Posts: 62 Member
    I'm also relatively new to the low carb lifestyle, my diary is open for anyone that wants to add me :)
  • kymberlin
    kymberlin Posts: 113 Member
    Hi, I'm Kimberly, I eat really low carb during the week and some weekends I fall off the wagon. I will be better able to stick to it after the Holidays. I tend to bloat right up on the weekends and then lose most of it by weigh in day. Some weeks are better and I actually lose weight. Believe it or not low carb seems to work best for me, especially when I really stick to it. I usually eat more meat than fat. Love meat. Accepting all friend requests.
  • AmyWininger
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    I just started eating low carb today! I think my body just needs something different, something to change for more weight to come off. I've been pretty stalled out lately. I'm trying to stick under 100g, but plan to go lower. Would love some friends to help out and find some foods that are low carb! :)
  • I have no special restriction on carbs -I try to keep my intake of it minimal like everything else- but feel free to add me for support!! :)

    Side note- I tried to do Atkins and the low-carb diet once and it kind of made me a little crazy. When I got off of it I never took a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for granted again :P
  • 10manda86
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    I too am low crab, trying ultra low crab (less than 30g) been sticking to it for about a week now, once you learn which foods are low or no carbs you can plan meals easily. Getting fibre has been a challenge, especially before I learned that fibre carbs don't count!! Learning to eat, waiting for more results. Last week I lost 2kg, this week I don't feel so confident.
    Add me as a friend if you like
  • twinsmom03
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    Hi, I am doing LOW carb and HIGH protein. It's been working well for me. Feel free to add me.
  • kmblair423
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    I am working on lower carbs and could use a little help. Anyone feel free to add me.