Did/Will you go over your calories for Christmas?



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    Christmas over-eating does not result in excess fat deposition in humans
    Claus S, Helpers SL, R'deer RTRN
    Lapland Journal of Endocrinology
    Dec 2002, Vol 2002 (12): p1-3

    The consumption of excess calories leading to the synthesis of adipose tissue is well documented and evidence-based. However, it has long been wondered why humans can over-indulge, especially on high fat foods, high sugar foods and alcohol, during the Yuletide period without any significant weight gain (p<0.001). There have been numerous studies to try to find the reasoning for this, especially due to reports of reduce physical activity at this time of year.

    Recently the authors have discovered the substance nutrition santasic acid which, when present in high amounts in adipocytes inhibits the enzyme acetyl CoA carboxylase, one of the rate limiting enzymes in the synthesis of fatty acids. The presence of santasic acid combined with the inactivity of acetyl CoA carboxylase also results in the immediate oxidation of macronutrients into energy, or if there is no immediate demand for energy the dissipation of the oxidative metabolites as heat through the skin (this may also in part explain why we rarely feel cold at Christmas time).

    Foods which have especially high levels of santasic acid include Christmas pudding, mince pies, sherry trifle, Christmas cake and brandy butter. Turkey has been shown to contain high levels of another substrate xmatic acid. The structure of xmatic acid is one carboxyl group less than santasic acid, which can be readily converted to santasic by the addition of a carboxyl group via the addition of heat. The authors note that cranberry sauce, turkey gravy, sausages and bacon contain substrates which have a free carboxyl group which is readily lost though heating and available for transfer to xmatic acid to form santasic acid.

    It has also been observed that brussel sprouts contain an enzyme called alcohol fermatase. This enzyme readily oxidises alcohol into a non-calorific form and inhibits the liver enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase. This theory may help to explain why the large consumption of alcohol of the Christmas period does not result in additional adipose formation.

    To reinforce the findings the authors took blood samples from 6 healthy volunteers of varied BMIs. Baseline weights were taken 2 weeks before Christmas and the subjects were followed up on December 25th and again on January 5th. Serum levels of santasic acid and xmatic acid levels peaked on December 25th and remained relatively high on January 5th. Subjects were asked to complete food diaries for the duration of the study and no significant weight gain was noted in any of the subjects. It was also observed that blood levels of the enzyme alcohol fermatase were high in all but one subject (this subject had no mention of brussel sprouts on his food diary, however consumed very little alcohol).

    The authors conclude that the high levels of the substrates santasic acid and xmatic acid and the enzyme alcohol fermatase in traditional festive cuisine provide a satisfactory explanation as to the observations why humans gain little excess adipose tissue over Christmas. To further reinforce the validity of the findings more research into the effects of the above substrates and enzymes is required and they may also hold possible answers for future treatments for obesity.

    Their findings also collaborate with those of Bunny E, et al 2002 who examined high chocolate consumption over Easter and its subsequent effects on body weight.

    So that means we can all chill out and overeat at Xmas with nothing to worry about!! It's now an evidence-based fact!
  • I've probably eaten slightly over my maintenance, but like others have said here, I've stuck to my calorie goals every day since I started here (a little over 3 months ago). Today is the only day I didn't track, and I've already got my "regular" meals and exercise routine all prepared for tomorrow, so it's back on track in the morning :)
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    Nope :smile: Not going over this year. I have actually been behaving this holiday season. I overate a few days a few weeks before Christmas, so I'm determined to stay on track. So far so good, and even though it's 8am on Christmas morning now I am done celebrating Christmas, so I made it :smile:
  • yes I did. been eating around 1200 calories lately and then for Christmas parties. day1: 1500 cal. day 2: 1500cal+. day 3/today: suspected 2300 cal. think this is not a problem? lol u tall, fast metabolism person u... *pats on head* man... make me taller plz. n less fat would be cool too. *facedesk* i'm only going to gain a lb from this but i'm not happy jan. :P
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    I've been eating at maintenance for the last five days and will continue to do so today. I've logged and ate at 1200 calories faithfully for the last 3 months and decided that I deserved a week to eat at maintenance -- to restore hormone levels, etc.


    The funny thing is, I am excited to get back to business and eat at a deficit again. It's been nice to eat more, but at the same time I feel like I'm wasting time. I could be that much closer to my goal.

    Anyway, I will probably eat anywhere from 1700-2000 calories today and I'm going to enjoy it!
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    Yep, great attitude :):)
    I love your attitude! I am trying to not freak out and feel guilty. Guess I will just tack and make sure I eat less for the rest of the week.

    Thank you! Yeah, once I got over the whole 'oh no, I can't log what I ate if it was bad, that means I'm bad!!' stuff, I could actually feel myself become more relaxed mentally. Now, I sometimes chuckle when I see that I've eaten 2800 calories in a day. It's sort of like, 'ooh, I really enjoyed that second helping'! There's no need to feel guilt over eating (unless you've stolen someone's slice of cake :laugh: ) And tracking accurately every day no matter what means that all my trends and everything actually make sense. I love graphs!
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    Yesterday/Christmas Eve I think I came in close to my normal maintenance calories (I'm in maintenance). I had eaten lightly during the day, in order to go all out at a party we went to at night. However, the food that was brought wasn't doing anything for me so I ended up eating some mac n cheese that I brought, some 7 layer salad and then 1/2 slice of pumpkin pie. Actually I may have come in under calories yesterday :tongue:

    Today will definitely include better food-I've got homemade cinnamon rolls going in the oven right now (one cinnamon roll is like 500 calories-score!), and then there will be lots of snacking/chocolate, and a meal tonight at the in-laws which will include pig n blankets-my favorite!
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    I probably won't. I was already bumping my calorie goal for today, since people brought irresistible goodies in to work last night. I start logging at midnight, since I work overnights. I think I had 250-ish calories left for today. That wasn't gonna cut it...SOOOOO I did my first day of C25K giving me another 200-ish to work with today. That should be enough. Fish for dinner with the other half tonight, so...a light meal....nothing heavy and traditional today. I think it will work out...that is, IF I can stay away from the booze. LOL
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    I went over on Christmas eve. I put in a good morning run, controlled my eating during the day, and sat down with a decent deficit after dinner when I remembered we had a bag of chocolate covered almonds in the pantry. I ate a couple, then a few more, and then I looked up and saw the bag was empty: 884 calories in less than half an hour. That little binge eliminated my deficit and put me about 350 calories over for the day. Then I didn't sleep well with that slug of chocolate in my belly. Ugh! Old habits are hard to break. But today's a new day and I intend to treat it like every other day but with more awareness than yesterday.

    Merry Christmas to all!
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    Nope. I'm hosting a bit of an untraditional dinner today with just my mom, fiance, and myself. Steak, Mashed potatoes, and lots of delicious veggie sides. Chocolate and fruit plate for desert. The only way I'll go over is if I splurge and go grab some egg nog.....
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    Yes...but it is all about balancing....A great workout in the A.M. nutritional Breakfast/Snack and good Christmas Eats for dinner.... That's why I consider it a lifestyyle

    Great answer! I'm maintaining and I am planning on going slightly over my maintenance calories. I'm going to get a good cardio workout in shortly to bank some calories, have a light lunch and enjoy a little bit of everything at dinner.

    I log every single day in fact I'm bringing my notebook so I don't forget to jot down everything I eat. It's too easy to forget while I'm laughing and chatting with my family. Obsessive? Maybe, but doing this helped me to lose and keep 80 lbs off for almost one year so I'm continuing!

    Happy Holidays everyone!! :)
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    Yes, I'm going to be over my calorie goal. by A LOT. I mean an absolutely massive amount. But I'll be back to healthy eating tomorrow. One day of massive calorie intake won't kill me, right?
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    I was slightly over yesterday. Today I'll be over by about 2000 and I'll probably be over tomorrow.:blushing:
    However, by the weekend I'll be back on track and soooo over-fed that I'll not want to eat anything fatty or high calorie!
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    Who cares? :huh:

    It is just one day.. :noway:
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    This is the first year I'm celebrating it (I'm jewish but we're invited to my mom's boyfriend's), so I probably will and I don't mind that.
    Merry Christmas guys :flowerforyou:
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    Yes. And I won't be working out to fit it in. Because its Christmas, a day for sitting in my PJs and watching TV on the couch with the people I love, with food in hand.
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    I was thinking of going over, honestly under my goal range by a pound or two. But watching my family stuff their faces with mostly mindless endless snacking is turning me off and making me want to count calories for the day.
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    Yes, and I will not be ashamed about it either. I plan to enjoy my meals and the foods we only eat once a year, ease back on track 12/26 and get back in full force 1/1/2014. I have lost a total of 100 + pounds since April 2012 (50 + since starting myfitnesspal) and have learned that you have to plan indulgences, indulge, don't stress, then get back in action. It works!
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    I've been under the weather since Sunday and as such I was at least 1,000 calories a day under my daily budget. Therefore, according to my math I have around 5,120 calories available today for festivities if I choose.

    I should be able to have a good, guilt-free time on that, don't ya think? ;-)