Starting over...Want to succeed this time

Hi everyone,

I have done this way too many times and always seem to backslide! Not going to let it happen this time....ready for a lifestyle change! Tired of trying to diet...I just want to get healthy! Hope I can help everyone on here and hope you can help me too! Looking forward to 2014!


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    Hello! I am so glad your ready this time around. Welcome back to the rest of your journey. Feel free to add me for support.
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    HI there,I too have lost and gained many times and am now in serious physical limitations & risks so I have begun Atkins again today is my 1st day! My first time on this site too.I hope to meet new people. We can do it this time!!!
  • Thanks everyone! There is strength in numbers for sure! Good luck to you all!
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    you can do this, anyone can add me
  • Hello There!

    I am on the same boat, Ive been trying diets all my life... had some success and then gained it back..

    It is also my first day! I hope I make it work this time!

  • All the best Smurfy! Add me if you think I could help :smile:
  • All the best to everyone! Just remember, even if you slip up, it's never too late to try again. Here's to a New Year full of good health and wellbeing!
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    Get you butt to the gym 3-4 times a week for 30 to 60 mins each session. The exercise not only burns cal but helps your mental well being, you feel better! If you can't do that then walk everyday for 20-60 mins. Exercise is key to getting your body reshaped.
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    That's exactly what I'm thinking! Feel free to add me for support anyone :)
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    You can do this! I was the exact same way. Always yo-yo dieting and never lasting longer than a month. It was once I realized that I had to remove the word "diet' from my vocabulary and add 'lifestyle change'. There is no quick fix(I had to understand). Portion Control, moderation, substitution, healthier choices and exercise where the main keys that kept me going, motivated and successful.

    If I can do it, ANYONE can do it!
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    I think you're in good company. I know I'm right where you are and reading the posts and blogs and forums is something that keeps me motivated. I hope it works the same for you. Feel free to add me as well. You can do it and I can to!!!
  • dawkinsc2
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    WOW! I love your screen name and your results! Thanks for being such an inspiration!:smile:
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    Lifestyle Change is the key to your success, so you are on your way. I joined up about 35 days ago and am 22 pounds lighter just by logging my food and exercise. Set your micro goals and macro goals, use all the tools around you, surround yourself with positives and before you know it, you will begin living that Lifestyle effortlessly.

    Friend me if you like.
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    I lost to 315 from 410 in 2012 using MFP so it does help! Unfortunately I gave up around the holidays like a dumb dumb and in the year since I have gained it all back. I am back in the saddle thanks to a loving wife and the will to not die young. Feel free to add me and I will do what I can to help motivate as well ^_^
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    hi B-)
    I am also starting over again, hope I can make some succes this year..
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    You can do it!
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    Let's do it!