Video Games

Who uses Video Games for their fitness routines?
(ex: PS3 & Wii)

I want to get the Move for my PS3 and try some of the fitness games.


  • Twinklewood
    Twinklewood Posts: 47 Member
    I use the wii for some of my fitness routine. I use the just dance games, boxing games and other random workout fitness games. I love it :)
  • eryquem
    eryquem Posts: 66 Member
    I've been using the PS3 since late May. Mostly with The Fight: Lights Out and Move Fitness, but also a bit of Sports Champions 2. It's been very effective.

    I really wish there were more competitive games available. I'm not really that interested in one's that just make you do a set workout. That' boring to me, and I could just as easily do a JM DVD or something. No need to do it through a game console. Unfortunately, it seems there's not enough interest from the mainstream gaming community in competitive style games that actually make you get up and move around.

    I'm keeping an eye on the new xbox one. It seems like they really want to drive this forward, but currently there's only one fighting game available, and it's not getting the most favorable reviews.
  • juliasays77
    juliasays77 Posts: 92 Member
    When I first started trying to lose weight, I used Wii EA Sports Active 2, Outdoor Challenge, and occasionally NFL Training Camp. EA Sports Active was great.

    I eventually moved on to workout videos (30 Day Shred, specifically), then running, then actually working out at a gym.

    I may start trying to use our XBox One to get in a quick workout when I'm short on time (after I'm healed from a recent surgery).
  • SNLover87
    SNLover87 Posts: 101 Member
    I play Zumba (Zumba 2 and Core) on my wii some days, when I'm bored with my other workouts. I'm excited to get Zumba World Party but I'm waiting for the price to go down a little.
  • krickitt24
    krickitt24 Posts: 2 Member
    My family and I bought a game called Activelife Explorer for our comes with a game mat and features a series of mini adventures where the player uses the mat to run, jump etc. I've also have some of the dance and Zumba games. Explorer is really fun because my husband and I play and compete together. I wouldn't use the games as my only source of exercise, but anything that gets me moving instead of sitting on a couch is a good thing.
  • jmatthews78
    jmatthews78 Posts: 14 Member
    Get outside and run, walk, cycle...... there's no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothing.
  • kelseyjsnyder
    kelseyjsnyder Posts: 219 Member
    I have EA active 2 for the ps3 but sadly they quit making it :(
  • Nightxer
    Nightxer Posts: 25 Member
    Get outside and run, walk, cycle...... there's no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothing.

    It gets kind of lonely and boring trying to do exercise by myself,so i thought trying it through the video games might help.

    I do however plan to take up regular walking and Archery when the weather starts to get warmer.
  • Nightxer
    Nightxer Posts: 25 Member
    I think i will be ordering my Move pieces sometime today :)