Running accessories - ladies, help!

I used to run a lot, and am slowly getting back into it. One thing that has changed drastically since I used to run is how many accessories are available now! I love it! However, I am still lacking in one area - HEADBANDS! I have yet to find one that won't slip constantly. I have not forked out money for the thicker Under Armour ones, as my daughter has some and she said they still slip a little on her. Anyone have any tried-and-true headbands? I'd like something that could soak up a little sweat, but I'd just take holding my hair too.

On this note - any other fun running accessories you love? Do share! :-) Thanks!


  • RunHardBeStrong
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    In to follow as I have the same problem and have not found one that works either.
  • JenMc14
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    I just use generic cloth ones. Not the best, but almost all other headbands give me headaches. My daughter likes the braided Under Armour ones with grippies. I don't know of it's more fashion or function for her, though. I've worn them, they feel like they wouldn't slip, but I've had to take them after after 5 minutes due to the headache.
  • Lululemon and Kohls had some that had a sticky substance on the underside to keep them from slipping. I'm pretty sure a bead of hot glue would do about the same thing.
  • I have a lot of hair, i mean a lot! I love sweaty bands! they are fashionable & don't slip (surprisingly)
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    I have had good luck with the Nike ones. Or wearing a ballcap! :)

    Once you are running longer distances you will want a water bottle. I have a small handheld one that I love. It also has a small pocket that I can hold my keys, etc. in - personally I don't like the belts/having something around my waist. I also use RunKeeper on my iphone to track my runs. Good luck!
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    My daughter and I use these ALL THE TIME. The best i've found in terms of not slipping around:
    Also nice is that she'll size them for you. My daughter is 12 and needs a little one. meanwhile i need a larger one or else i get headaches. Curious to see what other people like to use....
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    Nope. I use a ball cap now and I have no idea why I waited so long.

    ETA: I have a few lulu ones with the sticky stuff on the back side. They're great, but not for running and when a $20 headband pops off you MUST go back and find it. I like them for weight lifting where I’m not moving as much.

    Other accessories I love: My RoadID (I would never run outside without it), for long runs/summer runs my fuel belt that holds 20 oz of water and a little pouch for my keys (I can't do the hand held water bottle even with a strap, I fidget too much), and my iphone with arm strap for my running app, I use Nike+ GPS.
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    Ditto ball/trucker cap. Also handy for preventing sun on your face. ;)
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    I have a lot of hair, i mean a lot! I love sweaty bands! they are fashionable & don't slip (surprisingly)

    I second this suggestion and love their wide width ones. I have 4 and the only time they've ever slipped is when I've been doing sit-ups and wasn't paying attention to where my hands were placed on my neck. I've been using them over a year and they're great. I sweat a lot and for the thinness of the fabrics I was very surprised how heavy they can be after a good workout. I crossfit and we do incorporate running into our WODs to give you an idea of my activity level.
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    Another vote for sweaty bands. I have super fine hair so slippage is always a problem and they stick like glue. I take mine into the shower with me after a run and wash it with shampoo and leave it there to dry, so I only need to have two of them to alternate between.

    As far as other accessories, any long sleeved shirt/jacket with thumb holes. I am addicted to those!
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    A friend of mine swears by "pre-wrap" - sports tape that you can get at just about any sporting goods store. Holds the hair, disposable and comes in lots of colors. Also inexpensive. Google it if you're not familiar...
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    Check out BUFF - they make theses tubes that you wan wear as a headband, hairband, scarf, hat or balaclava, and some are running specific.
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    Spibelt for holding my stuff! Can fit keys, samsung galaxy phone and old school iPod. VERY minimal bouncing when I run. And I'm bouncy lol.
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    Ever cut the sleeves off you tee-shirts? Save them. They make excellent head bands, dew rags and soak up sweat pretty good as well.
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    I use a thin windstopper headband that covers my ears. I think this is the exact one I have: Because it covers the ears, they hold it in place and I don't need a thick one because the cold is caused by wind. I run in this down to 10 or so degrees.
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    Most of the expensive slip-free headbands (Lululemon and the like) don't actually work for me--they are so tight that they pop off of my head MORE easily (I have a small head, maybe?). The stick slip-free lining does nothing for me.

    My favorites are the wider, looser cheap kind you buy at drug stores. They stay on my head and hold back my bangs. Similar to these:
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    Thanks so much everyone, all great ideas and I can't wait to check them out.....I got some gift cards for Christmas that are burning a hole in my pocket and I can't think of a better way to use them than to invest in my health! Accessories totally count. :-)
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    My absolute favorite - Bani Bands. I have tried sooooo many different kids and they all either slip or give me a headache. These are comfortable and they don't slip.

    Another brand that I like is bondiband. They are moisture wicking, which is great because I sweat A LOT. This is usually my go to for spin class. Only thing that I don't like about them, is that they look pretty stupid on me.
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    Other accessories I love: My RoadID (I would never run outside without it),

    I love my RoadID also, not ashamed to say that I have 7 different coloured bands and my band colour usually matches my running outfit for the day.

    I gave up on headbands long ago, it's was just too distracting constantly adjusting them. My Lululemon baseball cap get worn on every daytime run.