Play with me! Q & A Game



  • IDK brah thats why im asking do they?
    yes it does you need to fuel your body to burn fat properly. Under eating causes metablic damage, you will lose wgiht for a short time then it will stop and you will gain it back.

    When do fish sleep and how?
    That's a good sleep?
  • bugzinc
    bugzinc Posts: 291 Member
    Yes, Eat more to weigh less does work (in my opinion) ...but you have to eat the right things.

    What do you like to wear for work out clothes?

    Yoga pants, sports bra, and a tank top.

    What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done in public?

    I love girls in Yoga pants...Just saying.

    Falling down in public with no real cause other then stupidity....yep...thats the embarrasment
  • yoga leggings or yoga pants

    tank or wiki top

    my nike runners & workout gloves

    hair band

    : what is your favorite home-made smoothie
  • collegegirl713
    collegegirl713 Posts: 189 Member
    Don't really have one.

    Toliet paper roll over or under?
  • bd0027
    bd0027 Posts: 1,053 Member

    Have you ever had lice?
  • Lovesthings
    Lovesthings Posts: 167 Member
    Sadly, yes (damn kids)... what a nightmare

    Have you ever been to a foreign country?
  • branflakes1980
    branflakes1980 Posts: 2,516 Member
    Nope, but would love to.

    What is on your nightstand?
  • askeates
    askeates Posts: 1,490 Member
    My iPad and a box of kleenex.

    What's your beverage of choice?
  • savannahribeiro
    savannahribeiro Posts: 194 Member
    Usually green tea, black

    What's your dream vacation spot?
  • branflakes1980
    branflakes1980 Posts: 2,516 Member
    Bora Bora

    What is your favorite beer?
  • collegegirl713
    collegegirl713 Posts: 189 Member
    Lucky Bucket

    What are you having for dinner tongiht?
  • aprildaguilar
    aprildaguilar Posts: 1,926 Member
    Kale and White Bean Soup

    Do you Practice Yoga?
  • aafoo
    aafoo Posts: 501 Member

    Fav brand of chocolate?
  • Swissmiss
    Swissmiss Posts: 8,754 Member
    Esther Price

    What are your weekend plans?
  • Summer_Lunatic
    Summer_Lunatic Posts: 543 Member
    To get rid of this cold.

    Do you schedule your sex life or does it just happen?
  • wizbeth1218
    wizbeth1218 Posts: 358 Member
    Do you schedule your sex life or does it just happen?
    We have 5 kids, so the answer is yes. :)

    What kind of shoes are you wearing right now?
  • OcotilloFire
    OcotilloFire Posts: 233 Member
    None, I'm barefoot.

    Do you get embarrassed when ordering a drink or shot with a dirty name?
  • Shananigans_
    Shananigans_ Posts: 785 Member
    I don't usually, but no I wouldn't.
    Top or bottom ? :wink:
  • elenathegreat
    elenathegreat Posts: 3,988 Member
    Top on weekdays, bottom on weekends.

    Peanut Butter: crunchy or smooth?
  • richied26
    richied26 Posts: 948 Member

    vanilla or chocolate?