Long Time Type II diabetic needs MFP friends

Greetings! I have been on MFP for quite a while now but haven't ever sought out friends on here. I am from Illinois and have had several health issues, mainly diabetes. Matter of fact just had part of my middle toe amputated today due to it. Not looking for critics or a pity party, just would like to find people who can relate to some of the things I've dealt with - which you can read on my one and only blog post. Best wishes to ALL of you in everything you face in this lifetime here on earth!


  • CoachFusion
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    If you have not read "insulin and its metabolic effects". . .copy and paste into your browser. . .
  • florentinovillaro
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    Hey I would glad to friend you, I don't have diabetes but I am a sufferer of Gout for 20+ years and would be more than happy to offer support and encouragement. My prayers are with you.
  • farrellfarm
    Thank you!
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    Hello. I will add you to my group of friends. I also have type 2 diabetes, and have greatly reduced the amount of insulin I need to take with using this website. I don't always eat the best stuff for diabetics, but I do try. My last A1C was 5.6. You should also check out the Type 2 diabetes support group.

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    Hi, I'm also diabetic, & I'm trying to 1) get rid of baby weight (6mo. Old Baby) 2) decrease my insulin & metformin 3) get my energy back. I could really use support & encouragement too. I've done horrible with my diet & exercise over the last few months& need to get back on track
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    You're making a good start with reaching your goals by posting here. I like to encourage people to focus on just one goal at a time, and then break that large goal down into small, weekly or even daily steps. That way you're making gradual, realistic changes to your usual habits that you can fit into your life, and developing healthy new habits at the same time! ~Lynn /Glucerna