UK girls?

Looking for UK based females for inspiration, motivation and support. I'm 29 and live in Cheshire, and have a goal of one stone to lose, which doesn't sound like much, but trust me, it's a challenge for me!

I've been on MFP before but I found out this week that I'm being made redundant from my job and as I will be looking for jobs in the fitness industry (I'm currently a marketing manager for a chain of gyms), I need to make sure I am in the best shape possible and feeling confident. (It's amazing what just 14 extra pounds can do to your confidence)

As exercise will play a big role in my journey I would love some friends who exercise regularly, so we can help motivate each other.

Thank you :)


  • callyart
    callyart Posts: 209

    I have decided to finally sort myself out. I want to lose 2-3 stone! I am sticking to a 1,200 cal diet and exercising lightly (due to health problems)

    I am from the West Midlands

    I'll add you as a friend. I find having people as friends and being able to talk to them/ comment on their progression helps a lot! I feel very motivated just because of this.
  • Hello, from southwest. 18llb to lose :) feel free to add me.
  • joolywooly33
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    I'm in Scotland, been on MFP since last Jan...just have the last 10lb to go, but focusing on fitness in a big way! On here allot, so feel free to add me too x
  • helenmelon29
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    Hi Im 32 qnd from North West EN. I have a 17 month old little boy and trying o get back in shape. I have about half a stone to lose and tone up - so trying to add the exercise too.

    I will add you too
  • sharroney
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    Hi I'm Sharon and joined mfp last year... found it really helpful tracking my diet. Want to lose 3 stone for my wedding so if anyone wants to add me as a friend for support that would be great! Let's do this!!!
  • JenToms80
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    Im Jenny, live in Chester - feel free to send me an request!

  • Thanks everyone :)
  • dianeellen2
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    I love having lots of UK based friends - my diary is open, i have lost about 40lb and have another 1 - 2 stone to do so if you want support and to be supportive please feel free to add me

  • Hi, I'm hoping to lose between half a stone and a stone this year. Exercise seems to be the key to changing how my body looks so I'll be focusing on at as much as possible :) Feel free to add.
  • London1990
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    Hey, I'm Christina, 23 from London. I'm currently in post-grad education and spending a lot of time working from home so I'm finding it really difficult being so close to food all the time lol! I'm aiming to lost around 2 stone, exercising around 3 times a week at the gym with some occasional swimming thrown in. Feel free to add me :)
  • helsbelshms
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    Hi I'm Helen, 32 from Gateshead nr Newcastle. I'm looking to lose 2-3 stone to get back to the weight I was when I was in my 20s. I'm doing the 30 day shred at the minute and also zumba, hope to get back to the gym after that. Feel free to add me, I could do with some more UK based friends to push me.
  • louiseoxford
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    I'm 25 from the West Midlands, have been on MFP a couple of times over the years but never stuck to it because as soon as I eat something bad and go over my allowance I give up!!

    This time I'm taking it slow and not denying myself the bad (good!) stuff but doing it in moderation. I would love to finally lose a stone that I gained at Uni and have never lost...

    Some support would be lovely and would love to help others as well!

  • Hi I am Claire from Ipswich, Suffolk and an oldie at 52!

    My son is getting married on 6th Sept this year so I need to lose 2 and a half stone by the time I am looking for my outfit! I have a 2 week cruise in June so I aim to lose my weight by then, so I have time to get it off again, oops!

    I go to the gym but have some health problems, which sometimes set me back! :wink:

    Anyway no excuses!
  • Hi,

    I'm 22 from East Midlands, iv only just stated my account I'm looking to loose an inch or two, feel free to add me. Any support is always welcome

    Thanks guys
  • Hi, I'm Kayleigh, I'm 25 years old and currently living in Horsham, West Sussex. I'm on here to lose as much as I can (the right way) in the next 18 months before I get married next year!

    I have been on MFP for a while now, but only really used it for the diary and haven't really been a part of the community - which was a shame as I've just found the community to be so supportive and encouraging. Feel free to add me :)
  • RCharlotteRose
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    I'm Charlotte and I am hoping to lose a couple of stone.
    My main focus is exercise and I am now trying to see food as fuel for the gym.
    I would love any other gym bunnies to add me and maybe share a few workout ideas - let's keep it interesting!

  • kimmyatton
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    Hey im kimmy!!
    23 from Yorkshire with 2 stone to lose! want to start weight training more then cardio so any other women who are thinking of starting weight training or currently do it please add me! motivation and inspiration needed!
  • sammyrawhhturner
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    Hello. Im sam, wanting to loose around 2/3 and half stone to get back to being around the 7/8 stone mark that i was when i first got with my partner. Got with my partner in August 2010, so the weight has just gradually snuck on, since then we have had two children. My daughter thays 21 months and son that just went 11 weeks..
    My aim is to stick around the 7/800 calorie mark, as i want to be back in a size 10 for when me and partner go to Manchester to see Michael Buble. Then up my calories and slowly loose weight after then in prep for our wedding at the beginning of 2015.
  • hi , im uk too but not close to where u stay!! this my first time on mfp and im loving it!!
    i have 1 stone to loose too , and it real hard because i have given up smoking ,so i just
    want to eat everything!! but im going for healthy option and getting out and walking and
    running alot, hope everything goes well for you ,in your job search and weight loss x
  • siansian91
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    Im Sian, 22 from east anglia, joined mfp a few times never stuck but this time I am really going for it! I have a couple of stone to lose, but mainly want to increase fitness and drop a few dress sizes! I am really into the gym at the moment, going everyday and focusing on weight training 3 times a week :) If any fellow gym bunnies or any ladies, i would love to chat and help motivate everyone :)