Turning 50..........

Need to lose 40 pounds


  • TravelDog14
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    You can do it.

    I started my weight loss trip at age 49 and when my 50th came around 9 months later I had reached my goal weight (75 pounds lost) and most importantly I've maintained for the past 10 months.
  • perseverance14
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    I am here cheering you on, I wish you the best!
  • truelypinkthing
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    You can do it and have chosen a good site to support you. Drink lots of water, eat real food in smaller portions ( a smaller plate helps) and add in a bit of extra exercise. Logging food is really motivating, if you are honest. It makes you accountable to yourself but gives you control and sense of achievement. :bigsmile:
  • FattyFatsoMcTubby
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    You can do this! It's all about calories. Don't let anyone tell you anything different. I'm rooting for you.
  • SuMcP
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    I turned 50 in October - never felt or looked better - ping me a friend request if you like :flowerforyou:
  • anne2605
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    This was me exactly 1 year ago. I joined mfp on 13th Jan 2013 knowing I had 18 months to lose 37.5lb before I turn 50 in May 2014. By May 2013, I'd lost my target weight and went on to lose a few pounds more. So you can achieve your goal. You just have to really want it and work at it. I've been maintaining now since last summer and managing to keep the pounds off. I run 5km 3 x per week, which is in itself an achievement as I wasn't a runner this time last year. I started with the Couch25K programme (which I'm sure you must have heard off) and really got into the running. I now class myself as a runner and I'm fitter because of it.

    If you like you can add me.
  • lynder64
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    Turning 50 this year too! I have 100 lbs to lose to reach my goal weight by December 16th. Lets get this party started!!! :wink:
  • I turned 50 in November and need to lose 40 pounds as well. Since we're "sailing in the same boat", I hope we can lose the weight by journeying together.
  • jemimasmum
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    Yep...I'll be 50 at the end of the year. I intend to be at least 20 lbs lighter...might need to assess that target when I get closer. I'm certainly going to be fitter than I am right now and the world better watch out!
    If my profile matches yours then feel free to send message/friend request.
  • I turned 50 in September. I lost 20 lbs prior to the big birthday by taking morning spin classes and logging what I ate. I felt great. Unfortunately, my work schedule changed, so I can no longer go to the gym in the morning. I gained 13 lbs back. I am now re-motivated to get back on track. I wish that I wasn't such an all or nothing person. My goal is to find a group of people who would like to walk. I live in Northern New Jersey.
  • Francesca3162
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    joined mfp 700 days ago... lost fifty plus in first year... just walking and calorie counting.. have maintained for a year.
    If you want it, you got it.
  • SuffolkSally
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    It can be done, and pretty painlessly too!

    I was 50 in March last year - lost 46lb when I reached my lowest. Currently I'm staying below my original goal weight but swinging around a bit, battling post-Christmas and post break up chocolate-related bulge at the moment! Aiming to get back below 42lb (3 stone) lost fairly soon and then maintain at or below that. Happy to add you if you send me e friend request :-)