Time to Change

I'm 31 years old standing at 5'4 ish.. and weighting at 283lbs and have been overweight for the last 12 years. I've tried the low carb diet , lost some weight then found it too hard to do. Then I tried out the 1500 cal diet with exercise and found some progress, then platu ..and fell out it for while and gained more than I had lost. Started to notice some health problems and doctor has told me Its the weight I need to lose it . So here I am ..looking for some support and what not.
I was suggested by some family to cut gluten out and some sort of diet meal plan. with exercise up to 5 times a week.


    I don't follow any crazy diets, I just eat less. I try to keep my calories in check, but I'll eat whatever I want. I stick to protein, veggies and fruits for dessert 90% of the time..but if I plan for it I'll allow myself wine and chocolate too. I have tried so many fad diets and I just hate them all. The 1500 calorie diet is not a bad idea at all. I think everyone stalls with weight loss at some point, but if you push through it and not allow yourself to get discouraged, it WILL start up again. If you need support or encouragement feel free to friend me.
  • MJ1975CA
    I lost 31 pounds and kept it off (even had another baby and lost the weight again) by tracking calories and eating in my calorie goals most of the time. I'm not perfect, I eat the best that I can every day, but tracking REALLY helps-and track honestly! You will be surprised what you learn. I can't give up a specific a food group or cut out treats (or beer!) and you do not have to either. YOU CAN DO IT!
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    Losing weight basically comes down to portion and calorie control. No fad or quick loss diets needed. Exercise for fitness and health, but ensure that you keeping your calories in control should be the focus. And that's why this site works.

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    Eat less and walk more. It is really all that simple. Try and get 7-10000 steps a day walking. Or go to a gym if you'd like, get on a crosstrainer and set some time for yourself. Maybe it will be hard at first to walk for 30 minutes straight, so start with ten, if you can do ten fine, tell yourself to walk for twenty. Push yourself.
    Make some proper goals, with rewards that work for you. Like if you lose 20lbs, then you treat yourself to some fancy dinner or similar. And if you somehow make a decision to say go out and walk every day. Dont beat yourself up if you fail to do so one day, just make sure you do it the next. It is ok to not follow a plan perfectly as long as you stay positive about progressing. Good luck!
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    Why was it suggested you cut out gluten? Unless you have an allergy, there is no need to. Some people do better with meal planning, so that may be a suitable option for you. To start off with, I'd suggest getting yourself a digital scale to weigh out portions. Log everything you eat and drink and stick to the calorie goal MFP has set for you. Input exercise calories and eat 50-75% of them back. Re-evaluate in 3-4 weeks depending on progress or lack thereof. MFP is a great tool if used properly. Good luck.
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    First, you CAN do it. I started out in a similar place. It CAN be done and YOU can do it.
    Second, there is NO GOOD reason to eliminate gluten UNLESS you are allergic. I AM gluten and dairy allergic. I have a hard time getting a lot of my nutrients that my body needs BECAUSE I can't have gluten. You can do more harm than good cutting it out. That being said, NOBODY needs cakes, cookies, donuts, etc but NOT because of the gluten. THey are loaded with unnecessary sugars and other crap. Cut those things out and you are headed nowhere but in the right direction. Even gluten free versions exist and are as junky. It isn't about the gluten - its about the FOOD CHOICES.
    Just eat HEALTHIER, add water as a beverage and MOVE MORE - even if its just walking. That's it. It isn't rocket science.. but IT TAKES WORK.
    If you REALLY want help, ideas, a sounding board, whatever, PM me. Let me know how I can help IF YOU TRULY WANT TO DO THIS. :flowerforyou:
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    I think that you should give MFP a chance, and try eating the amount of calories that it gives you. If you can stick with logging every day and keep it up, you should be able to lose weight! Trying a new type of diet like gluten free might end up being too restricting and overwhelming... If you just eat normal for a few days and log every bite, you might be able to see some areas where you could make changes that would be realistic.
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    I've yo-yo dieted most of my life. Ended up with serious health problems in 2012, finally decided my health was important and I could take control of it. Started logging everything, fell in love with my food scale because I finally realized what a portion truly was.

    I didn't do any exercise for the first 3 months, then I slowly started adding in some activity.

    But learning portion control, moderation, and being honest with myself about exactly what I was eating and drinking has truly helped me. Also learning that I don't need to be perfect, consistency. If I have 80% good days, the other 20% won't effect my progress.
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    Follow the guideline what MFP gives you. As you lose, MFP will lower your calories. When you cut your calories too low it causes you to binge. Start a sensible exercise program, start slow and build up your mileage/reps to avoid injury. I have mine set to lose one pound per week. I tried ww, ediet, and others. They did not work for me. I'm into this program for 2.3 months and have lost 6.2 pounds. I still have trouble with food when traveling which I do often. I count everything that goes into my mouth and review what I have done right/wrong. Work on fixing whats wrong.
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    I've been where you are too! It took me a year and a half to lose over 100 pounds, and I still have about 40 left to go.. I have a couple pieces of advice that I've learned over that time. Always log everything, it's easy to go over your calories when you don't. Drink tons of water! And just as important, take measurements! Don't focus so much on the scale, you will have times that you don't lose anything, but your inches will be changing. And really, the scale is just a number, it's the inches that really count. I wish you luck on your journey!! You (or anyone) are welcome to add me for support and motivation.. :)
  • ladette11
    I know you can do it. I'm in a similar situation. I've tried all kind of fad diets, and now at 240 lbs from doing so. I know MFP is something I needed to join to get control of my life. Today will be my first day walking. I am going to start with 30 minutes. Every little bit helps towards your goal. I'm new to this site as well. If u need future motivation I'm here. Stay encourage cause we didn't put it on in a day.