Hello all! Looking for motivating friends.



  • truss08
    truss08 Posts: 21
    Hey!!! I have been into fitness for some time now!!! I am more than willing to be a part of ur motivation and support! Just send me a friend request!!!
  • We all can use a pick me up and a kick in the butt from time to time! I know I certainly do! Please feel free to add me! Good luck to everyone... stay strong and fight! ;)
  • I would love some pals, to keep me motivated-keep them motivated. Perhaps have a little accountability. I feel I could keep up with this new lifestyle better if I had others to do it with. Im on track, but I always start off strong and fall by the wayside when I feel alone in the journey. Feel free to friend me, if you would like.
  • Zara150
    Zara150 Posts: 53 Member
    Add me, I'll be happy to help!
  • Add me , starting out new too. :-)
  • What is the saying... you lose more weight when you dont do it alone. I seriously need peoole to kick my butt about going to the gymand working out. Count me in, add me.
  • SSteele75
    SSteele75 Posts: 2 Member
    Add me! Looking for motivation also :)
  • I don't know how to either...
  • Hi, i'm also pretty new to MFP and looking for good friends. Anyone please add me.
  • Feel free to add :wink:
  • parkscs
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    Feel free to add me. I'm following a LCHF diet rather than just simple calorie counting, but ultimately the goals are the same.
  • Idahoshaw
    Idahoshaw Posts: 8 Member
    I would love to help anyone. I accomplished my weight goal last year and learned a lot about Eating Clean and Training along the way. Now I am working on a body fat percentage goal.
  • melissa199mfp
    melissa199mfp Posts: 12 Member
    Hi. I am new today. Would love to have motivating friends. Feel free to add me!!
  • nitag
    nitag Posts: 706 Member
    Feel free to add me.. Looking for motivation and friends to do this with.. again... and again...
  • FitnFeistyLyness
    FitnFeistyLyness Posts: 762 Member
    not sure if i posted here, but im 30 pounds from goal started at 370.. im good with gentle kicks as needed.. tons of support too

    i made a group.. feel free to join and add me.. this is our year for results!

  • ramsfan84
    ramsfan84 Posts: 99 Member
    HI all. I'm not new here but have recommitted after a rough year. I am very supportive. Please anyway can add me. We can all use support from time to time. I am trying my best to eat clean (staying away from as much processed as I can). Would love to have new friends.

  • Travko
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    Feel free to add my as well. I've only been on MFP for about a month, but it's amazing how keeping an accurate food and exercise diary changes one's perspective. It'd be nice to meet some others on here seeking out the same goals.
  • I am also getting back on the track to healthy eating and trying exercise at least 5 days a week for 1 hour! Any advise and sharing of diaries with ideas would greatly be appreciated!
  • I've been a terribly long hiatus and need some good motivation. Adding :happy: