Aussie Bloke: start of his journey - 70kg / 150lb to lose

Hi all,

I have finished my first week and am already feeling better.

MFP is looking to be a great tool to plan out my following day, I'm currently doing a 4:3 intermittent fast, while trying to pack in the nutrients and protein on my eating days.

Looking for friends to share this journey with and to keep me motivated. Feel free to add me! :happy:


  • zaan83
    zaan83 Posts: 35
    Best of luck to you and congrats on the weight loss thus far.

    From one Antipodean to another :-)

    (South African)
  • sami_83
    sami_83 Posts: 161
    Nice work with your progress already! What a great start :) I've been on here for a couple months but really getting stuck into it again now after neglecting my health over xmas.
    Have sent you a friend request :drinker:
  • itbloke
    itbloke Posts: 20 Member
    Thank you for the feedback and best wishes.

    What I find great about MFP is been able to plan my days out easily in advance to reduce temptation or the whole 'looking in the fridge and seeing nothing I want to eat' - pre-planning my days for me is helping a lot!
  • AnguishLanguish
    AnguishLanguish Posts: 149 Member
    Heya dude, welcome aboard! Feel free to add me :-) (I'm from WA, don't hold it against me).