derma roller?

hi! I dont know if this is in the right place but..... ive been doing research into using a derma roller and apparently the results are amazing for stretch marks and it even helps tighten skin! i have stretch marks all over my Abdomen and some on my arms. Should I finish losing weight before I use this or should I start using it straight away? Also what creams would be best? Bio oil?


  • lindsayvernon
    lindsayvernon Posts: 56 Member
    Sadly once you have those stretch marks, you're kind of stuck with them. You can use products to try and lessen the look of them but they will always been there. Using bio-oil will make them appear less red, but again those stretch marks will still be there in the end. The best way to help lessen getting anymore would be to lift heavy weights while losing weights. You'll gain muscle and lose fat, which will help keep your skin from hanging loose.