Losing Weight for my Little Brother



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    Yes, this is a beautiful. you can do it. I am gonna friend you right now to help out. dont know how much help I can be... but hey we can do this!!
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    :bigsmile: You are an amazing big brother. You can do this
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    you are a great brother! good luck on the journey to a healthier you :heart:
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    Is this real life? All of your words are amazing. Best decision I could have made was coming here. Thanks everybody
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    This is awesome! You sound like a great brother :D I know the struggle with food desire. In the "heat of the moment" I would feel like I lost control of my body and would just eat to my tastebuds' content. But now I tell myself that I want a healthy body more than that [insert food item here] So maybe for you, when you get in those rough times, you can say "My brother needs a kidney more than I need that food/craving" Good luck, I'm rooting for you!
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    Sounds like the perfect motivation to lose weight, for your brother, and not only that, once you've lost the weight you'll have the perfect reason to keep it off, for yourself.

    Best of luck
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    You're simply amazing.

    Repeat it to yourself, everyday, why you're doing this. Make a sign to hang on the fridge. Make it your mantra!
  • i was so touched reading your story! I think it is amazing what you are doing for your little brother. The past is the past, the fact that you are here right now doing this says so much. You will succeed,. I agree with logging everthing. I didn't realize how much i actually eat until i began logging and it really keeps you accountable. Also having so much support from your friends on MFP helps a lot.
    I wish you the best and i too look forward to your success story. You've got this, and you can do it. We believe in you!
  • Best story ever! It's going to be the best success story soon enough! Keep at it, you can do this.
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    Two thoughts:

    First, you seem to have reached the age/maturity when you come to realize that there is something very noble about thinking and acting on goals beyond just yourself. Good for you--that will be an important element in your success. And by the way, your brother isn't the only other person you should be making this commitment to--what about that little boy? He needs a dad who is healthy and active and involved in the process of guiding him to become a fine young man some day. Your fitness will influence him--and your lack of fitness would have influenced him too. But don't worry about that--he is too young to remember how you are now--he'll only know the fit, active guy you are about to become.

    Second, the wonderful thing about kidney transplants is that when they take, they are AMAZING. I know first hand. My partner received a transplant on 8-6-08. It was incredible! After years of being really sick, sleeping 15-20 hours a day and never having any energy he became completely normal (more or less--LOL) in a matter of days following his transplant. Without getting too carried away with the analogy, it was like he had lost his life and then it was given back to him. We now celebrate August 6th as his birthday. He has been able to return to work, take vacations and be a normal guy. And his donor was a deceased, non relative--statistically the least successful of transplants. Imagine what may come from a gift that you may be able to give, as a living, related donor. The bottom line is that you will be working toward not just giving a kidney, but a whole new life to your brother.

    Keep after it--just focus on TODAY, and it will take on a life of its own. I was once 5'11" 274 and I got down to about 195 (I regained a little, but I am nipping that in the bud now). If you are at all like me, once you start to see the results that will motivate you more. And guys--young guys in particular--often can lose weight really quick. Just commit that TODAY you are going to well--don't think about that you have to lose 50, 60 , 70 pounds--that is an overwhelming task. Just do well TODAY. Anybody can do that! And pretty soon you will realize you have strung together 10 or 15 TODAYS and you'll start to see small results. Then commit a few more TODAYS and you'll look up and it will be February and you may be 10 pounds lighter than you were on New Years. That's when it will sink in and you will really get energized by it. And if you screw up a today, its just one today--you got a bunch of them ahead of you! And you know what--you WILL screw up at some point. No big deal--just start that next morning with a commitment to do well TODAY.

    Good luck to you. Let us know how it goes. You are doing an important thing.
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    God bless you.
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    floridamike, that means a lot. Your words were spoken in a way that really puts things in an even newer perspective. I thought I'd looked at this from every angle but considering giving my brother "new" life gives it that much more meaning.

    My son is extremely important to me and I promise he is a motivating factor as well.

    I'm glad to hear somebody with a similar story. i'm close to the same starting stats as you as well so your success makes me happy! Taking it one day at a time, one pound at a time.

    Thank you
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    I was really touched by your story and will be rooting for you and your family. I'm willing to help motivate you if you're interested. Best of luck! :)
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    Dude, that is a beautiful story….and I wish best of luck for you both!!! Add me if you need a bud!
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    What a great story! You can do this! If you need some motivation add me! I am here everyday and would be happy to help keep you motivated! You are a great brother- he is very lucky to have you!
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    You need to lose weight so you are around for your son too. But even though it is a little late, CONGRATULATIONS on finding the motivation and I am happy to be on your FL and help you stay on course. You are doing this for ALL the right reasons. It would be a pleasure. Cheers!
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    Find something that works and stick with it. If it helps, I started at the same weight as you did (according to your chart) a year ago (almost exactly). It's a learning experience, but sticking with it is the most important thing.

    Good luck to you.
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    What an amazing story... Nearly made me cry! You can do it! What a brilliant loving thing you are doing! Great on you! :)
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    You got this!! welcome as well! lots of support here!
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    Thank you for sharing your story. This site will not only help you lose the weight but will help you form healthy habits. Log in lots read posts and ask questions. The answers are here and there are many who will help. Wishing all the best for you and your family on this journey! :flowerforyou: