Looking for UK friends



  • MarianneDarroch
    MarianneDarroch Posts: 71 Member

    I am from Glasgow, have sent you a wee request.
  • oneman1
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    Live in Warwickshire and have been using the app for 2 months, looking for people living near that enjoy cycling, as I find it sometimes boring cycling on my own
  • Hi id like more UK friends too, 26 mother of 2 just moved near Cardiff
  • chocolatierswife
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    will send request from norfolk. anyone else feel free to add.
  • traceytwink
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    Hi I'm in aberdare in the welsh valleys, I have two children 12 and 10 and I've been logging every day since may last year , I also have an open diary by btw I turned 40 last year
  • Hello! I'm Helene! I have 2 little boys and I live in Hampshire. Feel free to add me.... And best of luck to you! :-)
  • Lillyloooo
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    I'm from the uk ????
  • latepaul
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    46 from Berkshire. Always happy to have more UK friends.
  • Hi,

    My name is Karen. I am 49, married and have one 14 year old son. I log in every day I am new ( started a week ago). I would love to lose 2 stone.

    Feel free to add me. :smile:
  • Hi
    I am a serial yoyo dieter. And this time I really want to loose weight and keep it off!! I normally yoyo between 11 and 13 stone! This time last year I was 11 and now I'm 13. I have no motivation or get up and go!! I feel glum being fat. I'm hoping some nice ppl will add me as there friend on here so I have reasons to want to log on to log my food and exercise!!
    I have a wedding to go to in august. Ideally I'd like to be 10 but would be happy with 11 as I know this is realistic! One step at a time!!
  • ????
  • Hi, I'm in Derbyshire UK, I'm 40 and I'm always happy to have new friends on here, feel free to add me xXx
  • NatalieG525
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    Hi, I'm Natalie. I'm 20 and a mum of one daughter. In Hampshire, UK. Feel free to add :)
  • Hi, I'm Martin, 46, from Staffordshire UK. Trying to lose two stone! Logg every day, usually from my phone. Feel free to add me as a friend!
  • reeny34
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    Hi, I'm 34, from London and a mother of two children aged 15 (girl) and 8 (boy). I log in everyday and would love to support you in your weight loss journey
  • zaan83
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    Hi there.

    Im 30years old and from London. I dont have kids...yet. Hope to possibly start a family once I have lost the weight and I'm a bit more healthier.
  • Joolyb85
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    Hi, I'm Julie, 28 from Glasgow. Been on here every day and logging everything religiously! Looking for more fitness buddies too. its always good to see how everyone is getting on! Sent a request :)
  • Hi im jo from derbyshire i log on everyday am startin out on my journey to lose weight for my wedding in december!!! Plus want to feel more healthy please feel free to ADD ME ????
  • hi please add me need UK friends on here x
  • bumblebeez86
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    Hi I am Adele 27 from Solihull. Log in everyday. Feel free to add :)