What do you order when out for breakfast?

It's so easy to make breakfast at home and control calories and portions. What do you order at a restaurant that doesn't kill your whole day?


  • Marcia315
    Marcia315 Posts: 460 Member
    Veggie omelet.
  • GGDaddy
    GGDaddy Posts: 289 Member
    Eggs (I know the calorie count). Bacon (I know the count close enough, and a nice treat). Fruit (I try to eyeball serving size, and if I'm off it's not a big # of calories I'm off).

    I avoid pancakes, potatoes, and french toast (too much error)
  • acogg
    acogg Posts: 1,871 Member
    Bacon, eggs, toast and a tall glass of tomato juice. If it comes with hashbrowns I will nibble around the crunchy parts.
  • ka97
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    Egg white omelet with veggies - preferably spinach and broccoli - and feta or swiss cheese. I ask for sliced tomatoes instead of homefries. Depending on the day, and my workout, I might do no toast, or one slice of toast, or I'll eat both slices.
  • I usually order an omelet, or scrambled eggs and toast, I skip the hashbrowns but that is because I don't like potato. Coffee everytime. I usually steal a piece of the boyfriends breakfast sausage.

    I have been to restaurants and ordered oatmeal. Oh crepes are delicious too.
  • seltzermint555
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    veggie omelet (no cheese) with or without plain dry toast

    egg sandwich no cheese or sausage

    pecan waffle with sugar free syrup

    pancake or two with sugar free syrup (for example a single IHOP pumpkin pancake, with SF syrup and Redi-Whip, so good and around 300 cal)

    French toast with sugar free syrup or fruit (not compote/jam, but plain strawberries for example)

    eggs benedict (veggie versions)

    Greek omelet - granted this one is more of a brunch meal
  • 10 scrambled egg whites and 4 slices of toast :)
  • MyChocolateDiet
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    egg white omelet with veggies and feta. plenty of protein, some veg and fat and salt flavor. black coffee. side of tomatoes or other veggie.
  • Athijade
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    Whatever will fit into my meal plan that day. Some days that is eggs, bacon, and toast. Other days it is a veggie omelet. Yet other days it is pancakes or waffles with REAL syrup (I will not eat that fake junk they try to pass off as maple syrup ever again).
  • 2 scrambled eggs. Whole wheat toast. No butter. Tabasco sauce. Skim milk (over ice).
  • livingleanlivingclean
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    10 scrambled egg whites and 4 slices of toast :)

    Why are you scared of fat?

    I'd get poached eggs, fresh spinach tomato and avo.
    Or if I can specify the number of eggs, an omelette with vegies

    I don't usually go out for breakfast unless it's a day I don't care about cals so much and can have something decadent though... I can cook a better standard breakfast for myself and hate paying more for something than I have to!
  • Achrya
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    Stuffed French toast and bacon. Maybe some fruit on the side, for balance.
  • randomtai
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    Bacon, sausage, ham, French toast, pancakes and eggs.
  • MoreBean13
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    I can't help you, if I'm going out for breakfast, I'm going ALL OUT for breakfast. I eat responsible eggs almost every day, so if I'm going for a treat its going to be a chocolate peanut butter waffle or pecan pumpkin pancakes, probably with a side of scrambled eggs just so I don't get sick from all the sugar.
  • Livgetfit
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    Usually the veggie option which here in Aus is generally something like: eggs, baked beans, avocado etc

    I have the hash browns because how often do I really eat breakfast out?! Log and behave for the rest of the day
  • LishieFruit89
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    10 scrambled egg whites and 4 slices of toast :)

    Egg whites are sadness.
  • padams2359
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    It is very rare to go out for breakfast. Only started eating breakfast when started dieting. If I am going out, it Eggs Benedict. Yum.
  • GiveMeCoffee
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    Usually waffles covered in whipped cream and fruit with a side of bacon

    Or a bagel with lox lots of cream cheese and a side of bacon or sausage depending on my mood
  • jmatthews78
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    Full English - large.

    Usually eat a little later (brunch time) and then skip lunch.
  • Eggs Benedict from Friendly's is my favorite but I would probably get oatmeal or greek yogurt right now while I am on a more strict diet.