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Help. I've been imprisoned by my couch

It's cold. It's sleeting. I've been sitting on my couch for 2 hrs. IN MY GYM CLOTHES.

Zero motivation to go and just get it done.

Please kick my butt.

M'kay? Thx.


  • sjmitchner
    sjmitchner Posts: 121 Member
    You need to get up. I did exactly what you are doing, "not today, I don't feel like it" One day became two, became a month. I have regained every pound I lost. So get up and get going!
  • Ninkyou
    Ninkyou Posts: 6,666 Member
    Well if you're really imprisoned by the couch, you might as well give up.

    Otherwise, stop being lazy. Mmmk.
  • DaddyDave101
    DaddyDave101 Posts: 72 Member
    When have you ever got back and sai I wish I hadn't done that!!! Go do it!
  • Lucylaser
    Lucylaser Posts: 94 Member
    Made it!

    40 mins cardio and an hour to lift.

    Tomorrow the battle starts again.
  • lebbyloses
    lebbyloses Posts: 133 Member
    Good for you!!! I too have an evil couch, and I think it's important to celebrate when you escape the scheming clutches of the Sofa Society. Remember: tomorrow the battle begins at dawn. Or noon. Whenever you get up, really.