Friend requests :D

At present I have just one friend on here (how sad does that sound) but it is great motivation to me just seeing the status updates that she is doing well. So please, anyone else who would like some more friends, let me know and I check in every day so hopefully we can motivate each other :D


  • knra_grl
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    we probably don't have much in common considering I am old enough to be your mother but my food entries are open and you are free to add me if you like...the more the merrier and I log daily...I could be your MFP mom :laugh:
  • Hey! Add me :-)

  • We're both on here, that's common ground enough :)

    I just like seeing people check in and doing well, compels me to keep doing the same.
  • just_jess7
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    I've never had a sheep as a friend! I'm in.
  • You can add me as a friend
  • lajuice24
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    Feel free to add me! :)
  • I only have one as well. I tried then gave up....depression kicked in and am now back at it. My goal is to lose 30 pounds but would be happy with 25.:smile:
  • add me :)
  • GBrady43068
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    I've never had a sheep as a friend! I'm in.
    Why am I suddenly hearing Flight of the Conchord jokes in my head? :tongue:

    Ditto the "MFP mom" up top about probably not having much in common but if you just want someone who's a regular, feel free.
  • mistyloveslife
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    Anyone who wants to add me can! =) I love status updates from sheep!
  • reeny34
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    Just sent requests to all of you so feel free to add me :happy:
  • Sending a request and anyone else feel free to add me. I login every day!

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  • Magda_Castle
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    I login daily too! Please feel free to add me :)
  • DeliriumCanBeFun
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    You can add me too :) I quit smoking almost 2 1/2 years ago, and I loooove to back too...which of course is hard when you do it really well and are on a diet:tongue:
  • jdr1223
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    Anybody feel free to add me as well! I have a few friends on here but only one who is actively on here. Need more friends!
  • tiggsnanny
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    Anyone can add me :happy: I log in daily
  • donnat238
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    My goal is to lose 63 lbs!
  • mrsward2010
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    feel free to add me :-)
  • gcooper7
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    Hello, You can add me as a friend on here if you like. I don't really use MFP as often as I should but I have been involved with an accountability group someone invited me to on facebook. That has been a great help. It just ended but I think another group is going to start soon. I guess until then I should start logging my food better.
  • LCFulmer
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    I accept all friends and my diary is open so you can add me. I'm very serious about my tracking, so much so I'm 875+ days into tracking.