Hit my first Goal!!!



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    OMG! Can you inpire me?! I have 50lbs to lose and sometimes feel like giving up! Good for you!!

    I read this recently, it has inspired me. And no its not "simple" but it is possible

    Healthy people don't think and act the way they do because they are healthy. They are healthy because they think and act the way they do. To get what you want you need to change who you are, and you can change who you are by simply changing the way you think and act.
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    Great job. Keep up the good work.
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    Good for you!!! That is great to hear!!!
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    Awesome Chris!!!
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    Great job! I love reading success stories - you should be proud!
  • Wow, great job!!!!! my total goal is 50 pounds....I have lost 12 so far but put on a lot of muscle. I can't wait to say that I've hit my goal. You're an inspiration......keep up the good work....you can do it because it sounds like you love yourself.
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    Wonderful Congratulations!
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    Congrats, well, done!
  • shmulyeng
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    Things I learned
    - Dont eat anything you dont like because its supposed to be healthy.... just made me want to quit
    - Do try foods you didnt think you liked by cooking them a different way -- ex: brussel sprouts... roasted... amazing
    - Dont worry about the scale, its just another tool
    - Yes, you can make it thru holidays and family gatherings without doing too much damage
    - Since i stopped eating sugar, everything is too sweet.... its a good thing!
    -Funny, but once you get into exercise it can actually be fun !
    -Every morning I say to myself " You can do this!" it really seems to help.

    I could have written this verbatim! This is pretty much what I tell anyone that asks me how I'm losing weight. The one thing I add to this is just like I don't eat anything I don't like, I also don't cut out anything that I really like (besides cake). I just make it fit in to my daily calories. I find that most of the junk food I used to crave, no longer interest me. I used to eat tons of candy. As you said, since I cut down on my sugar, any candy is simply too sweet and I don't even desire it. I even cut back the splenda in my coffee in half. Not for calorie reasons. I simply don't like sweet any more.
    Regarding the exercise, the two worst days I've had since I started this 3 months ago, were the days I couldn't exercise because of foot pain. I was miserable. This is coming from someone that's never exercised in his life!

    Any way, good luck to you on your next goal.
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    You are an inspiration ---
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    Great Job! You are an inspiration for me.. I have 120 pounds to lose, have lost 20 looking forward to the next 20. I like the way you think.
  • Shannieg755
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    I've noticed while logging in MFP that I'm always over on my sugar goal. I've been staying under my calorie goal (or right at where I should be) but I'm wondering if slow weight loss is due to sugar intake.....something to watch over time.
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    Well done, very well done. I agree about the sugar. Sounds like you have a forever outlook. :flowerforyou:
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    Good job! Yes, you very well CAN do it. But more importantly, you WILL! You've ALREADY proven to yourself that it can be done! Now roll with it and let's incinerate the last 58!!
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  • Great job!!!
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    Great job. Keep up the good work and love your positive "I can do it" attitude. That is half the battle!
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    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your goals and your suggestions: very inspiring and useful!
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    Congratulations!! You're giving me hope too.
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    Good job, and keep it up! How did you do it? Is it safe to lose that much? What does 50 lbs convert to in sizes lost? I so badly want to fit into size 12 clothes (Currently an 18) and don't know if I will be able to do it.

    yes you can and will!!