Diet soda???

I was curious about how you guys feel about drinking diet soda. I have heard SO much conflicting information. Right now I'm only giving in to diet soda twice a week. Do you guys avoid it all together?


  • Shuuma
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    I like Diet Dr. Pepper. I buy the little baby cans so I can have a treat when I feel like it. I'm watching sodium as well as calories, so I need to keep track, but the little portions give me a treat without feeling deprived.

    If I want a soda, I have one, but I have water more often. Do what you like, but log it and be accountable for it. Even the zero calorie stuff. (I say that for the sodium thing for me, primarily.) Also, if something wonky happens and you're looking back on your diary for a reason, seeing everything you've consumed helps.
  • LisaMS83
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    I personally I have cut it out. I use to drink anywhere from 2-3 cans of diet coke a day. That was on top of already drinking 1-2 cups coffee in the morning. So for me I wanted to cut out all that caffeine and unnecessary chemicals. So I've only had 1 diet soda in the past month, and that was when I was out for lunch. I've switch to just my coffee in the morning, and water with lime/lemon in it and unsweet tea. I feel I have more energy now, and don't feel as bloated all the time. But that's just me
  • sfbaumgarten
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    I feel just fine about it. I drink 4-5 cans a day.
  • Greenrun99
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    Gotta mix alcohol with something right?
  • sillyvalentine
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    I'll have a big one if I go to the movies (maybe 6 times a year) because I don't want anything else they have but I am generally against it for it's chemicals linked to causing cancer. I think in about 20 - 40 years we are going to see a huge increase in cancer because of the current popularity of it.
  • I have an everyday battle with this. I quit drinking it for several months and then got sucked back in over the holidays. (don't know why the holidays have anything to do with soda) I have cut down to 1 diet mt dew every morning. Then switch to iced tea with splenda or water with lemon.

    That being said, I felt so much better when I didn't drink it. No aches and pains and just all over better. However I love the crap out of diet mt dew so if I want it i am going to drink it. LOL.
  • Fenrissa
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    I love diet pop, especially Diet Mountain Dew and Sprite Zero.
  • QuietBloom
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    Diet soda is fine.
  • ashenriver
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    I don't drink soda. I find it too acidic, and I hate the taste of aspartame in diet sodas.

    I do love drinking mineral/club soda/tonic water though.

    I also don't like to drink my calories, unless its beer.
  • CindyB97
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    It depends on your personal eating philosophy. If you are trying to stick to clean eating, then don't drink diet sodas because they are full of unhealthy chemicals. If you don't mind prepackaged and processed food and are only looking at calories, then diet soda fits in well with that philosophy.
  • bacitracin
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    I have yet to see any credible sources proving that any chemical in diet soda is bad for you in normal quantities.

    They give rats enough artificial sweeteners to equal me drinking about a thousand liters of Coke Zero or whatever per day. You know what would happen if I drank a thousand liters of water a day? I'd die from hyponatremia, not just have a higher risk of eventually maybe getting cancer.

    Some 0-calorie sweeteners might have an insulin response, sure. You know what has MORE of an insulin response? Cane sugar (sucrose), high fructose corn syrup, glucose, dextrose... Yknow, actual caloric sweeteners.

    In normal quantities, drink your diet soda and don't regret anything.
  • Tonyour06
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    I stopped drinking diet coke and all forms of aspartame on September 3, 2013. After reading all the issues with it – I decided it wasn’t good for me to drink. It is pure poison!

    Since I stopped the pain I’d had in my shoulder for months has gone away, I am sleeping better, my hair is growing and is thicker, I don’t have the aches and pains I had (was taking Motrin daily because of it).

    But… Be careful if you stop. I replaced it with juices, sweet ice tea and regular soda. I gained 18lbs in 3-months (to be fair the holidays were in there and I didn’t exercise as much) I have now gone to water, coffee, and regular ice tea.
  • mittenswillet
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    i drink coke zero and have no qualms, i wont touch water. its a personal choice, myself being a cola addict, coke zero was the most sensible way to go.

    I dont listen to what others say about diet soda, it has no calories and gives me my cola hit.... =)
  • keeponkickin
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    Been drinking diet soda since I was 12 because of type 1 diabetes. I haven't sprouted a third eye yet. I'll take my chances and keep drinking it.
  • ladylattier
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    If you're gonna drink soda, diet is definitely better than regular, if you can handle the diet "twang".
  • 1princesswarrior
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    I had to quit drinking it because the aspartame was a migraine trigger. If not for that I'd still be drinking my Diet Mtn Dew in moderation.
  • wsuduce
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    mmmm, Diet Coke and me go way back. It works for me.
  • callas444
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    Lots of conflicting data on it, and waaaaaaayyyyy too many people with more opinion than fact. It comes down to a personal choice for you. Personally, I like to have some once in a while to change things up. But water is always going to be my top choice for hydration.
  • kgeyser
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    I was drinking one diet soda per day and gave it completely before Thanksgiving. Other than a raging headache for a few days due to caffeine withdrawal, I have not seen any change in my body from giving it up except one place. My teeth. I have very sensitive teeth and they haven't been bugging me since I quit. But as far as weight loss or reducing sugar cravings, it didn't do a damn thing.
  • Krista916
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    I don't avoid it for the reasons mentioned in the OP. I just have never ever been a huge soda person. Even as a kid, I chose water over pop. These sayd I maybe have Diet Coke maybe once a month but it takes me the whole day to drink it. I actually perfer La Croix flavored sparkling water. It's not sweet at all but it nice and fizzy.....and I often find myself finding ways to add alcohol to it to create a fun cocktail. :drinker: