Peanut Butter 2, Has anyone tried????



  • conniemaxwell5
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    I use it and love it. The texture is different than regular peanut butter and it's also not as sweet, which I like.
  • I eat unsweetened organic peanut butter regularly. It's the fat in nuts that our bodies need, those are considered good fats! Eating that powder stuff would be eating processed peanut butter and turning into a unhealthy food, in my opinion.
  • NovemberJune
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    I love peanut butter and I love PB2. =)
  • ellybeann
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    Im seeing alot of cost talk..Walmart just started carring it in Virginia. They have reg and choc for less that $5.00. (cheaper than supplement store I had been getting it from)
  • bamadwl
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    I prefer to stick to as little processing of my foods as possible. The closer to natural, the better.
  • Shamichelle
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    I love pb2 in my shakes. The chocolate really satisfies my sweet tooth. I use both the original pb2 & pb2 chocolate. I love peanut & almond butter but I get a little carried away eating it when I have it in the house.
  • AleciaG724
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    Love them both, but prefer PB2 in smoothies to keep the fat down. I also use it to make things like Thai peanut sauce much more calorie friendly... I mix it with water & dip apples in it, you can make it as thick or thin as you want with water. Get some, you'll like it!
  • No way. I love peanut butter in all it's fatty glory!
  • gurlygirlrcr80
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    I eat regular Skippy creamy PB in moderation. Don't care not giving it up. I would rather die.

    ^^^ lol this!
  • Get a all natural peanut butter for the healthy side. With ingredients just being peanuts. I like the Pb and PB2 in my shakes though or tossed into protein pancakes.
  • If you eat it and get rid of your expectation for real peanut butter, it's good. It's easy to travel with because it's light, and you can add it to smoothies at home for a peanut butter taste without all the calories.
  • DeeVanderbles
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    I use the chocolate pb2 in my shakes or in pancake batter, etc. but stick with Jif Natural for my every day peanut butter.
  • itsallyson
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    the chocolate one is SUPER delish! I mixed in some shredded coconut and just ate it with a spoon lol
    Haven't tried regular PB2 though.
  • IbiH
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    You just reminded me...... made up a small jar last week. I've just had some on toast now. nom nom.
  • ksuetorres
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    It's not what choosy mothers would choose, but for the calorie tradeoff it's not bad! I use it all the time. Mix it in with a fat-free vanilla yogurt, maybe some cocoa powder and you have a yummmy pudding. Chop up a frozen banana in that, while you're at it! Of course, I still work Jif into my calorie plan....once a week or so. The PB2 keeps me from missing my daily fix, though!
  • SLLRunner
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    Hi Guys,

    I love peanut butter and just read about something called Peanut butter 2, Apparently it is peanut butter that has gone through the process of having 85% fat squeezed out then dehydrated so it comes in a powder form.

    I would really love to try this as i can add it to my smooties, skinny banana bread etc.

    What did you think??
    I have heard of it, but I love my freshly ground peanut butter too much. In fact, I only buy freshly ground peanut butter and almond butter. No subs for me.

    If you try it, please let us know what you think of it.
  • megsmom2
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    I put it in my oatmeal all the time. delicious!